China Tourism Leasing Industry Development Report released

Recently, the 2019 China Tourism Travel Conference, sponsored by the China Tourism Vehicle Association, and co-organized by China Tourism Scenic Area Association, China Travel Service Association, Guilin Tourism Co., Ltd. and other units, was grandly held in Guilin, the first session of the China Tourism Vehicle Association The second council meeting was held at the same time, and representatives from nearly one hundred car leasing and upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Yang Junwei, chairman of the first board of directors of the China Tourism Vehicle and Boat Association s Tourism Leasing Branch and general manager of Shouqi Leasing Co., Ltd., presented the work report of the first board of the China Tourism Vehicle and Boat Association s Tourism Leasing Branch to the participants.

Jun Yang Junwei, Chairman of the First Board of Directors of China Tourism Car and Boat Association Tourism Leasing Branch and General Manager of Shouqi Car Rental

The release of industry standards guides the orderly development of the industry

At the China Tourism Travel Conference 2019, the group standards of China Tourism Leasing Industry Development Report 2018-2019 and Quality Requirements and Evaluation of Leisure Tourism Car Rental Service Quality were issued. The China Tourism Leasing Industry Development Report 2018-2019 is organized by the Tourism Leasing Branch to represent industry-leading companies and scientific research units, and fully draws on various standards in the fields of car rental, tourist car rental, and self-driving travel, as well as industry leaders such as Shouqi Car Rental. Based on the company s operating standards, the characteristics of the leasing of leisure travel vehicles are comprehensively formed.

Shouqi Car Rental, which has 27 years of professional car rental service experience, has formed a systematic and high-standard service system. In line with the development of the times, Shouqi Car Rental has the responsibility and ability to cooperate with many industry partners to help establish and implement industry service standards.

The formulation of the report and standards can help government functional departments understand and master the industry s operating conditions and industry pain points, and provide basic support for the introduction of new industry policies and the establishment of new systems and mechanisms; The refined management provides the basis to guide the continuous and effective development of the tourism leasing industry. This is an important milestone for China s tourism leasing industry to move from an extensive development model to a healthy and orderly development.

Optimize resource allocation and seek common development within the association

Since the establishment of the China Tourism Vehicle and Boat Association Tourism Leasing Branch, with the purpose of providing members with services, strengthening industry self-discipline, and promoting industry exchanges, it is responsible for building internal and external communication and exchange platforms, fostering the tourism and car rental consumer market, and promoting new The important task of orderly and healthy development.

After nearly a year of development, the China Tourism Vehicle and Boat Association Tourism Leasing Branch has successively established party branches, held the 2019 Tourism Leasing Industry Operation Seminar and National Tourism Leasing Enterprise Symposium and Exchange, and currently has 140 member units . Yujia effectively promoted industry information exchange and resource sharing among member units.

At the 2019 tourism leasing industry business seminar, the first chairman of the China Tourism Vehicle and Ship Association s tourism leasing branch, Shouqi Car Rental, responded to the association s call and released a Plan I exclusive product for member units, which contains a total of 600+ Product packages, 3000+ vehicles, packaged with more than ten mainstream models, customized short-term vehicle sources for 3-4 months according to the supply and demand characteristics of the off-peak season, and opened and shared the superior resources, high-quality services and technology platform of Shouqi Car Rental, Help small and medium-sized leasing companies in the same industry to solve problems such as large differences in demand during low and peak seasons, heavy assets of self-purchased vehicles, low operating profits, and high technology upgrade costs.

Technology empowerment, Shouqi car rental helps enterprises travel

Yang Lin, the technical director of Shouqi Car Rental, gave a keynote speech on Shouqi Car Rental to help enterprises travel at the meeting, and demonstrated to the participating members the self-developed iZU enterprise car management platform developed by Shouqi Car Rental. It is difficult to construct a digital management platform and has a high threshold., Industry problems such as high maintenance costs.

The platform aims to provide small and medium-sized leasing companies with a digital management platform that integrates vehicle asset management and fleet operation management, with a view to improving corporate vehicle management, fleet operation efficiency, and reducing related costs.

As the first president unit of the China Tourism Vehicle and Ship Association s Tourism Leasing Branch, Shouqi Car Rental deeply implements the association s concept of co-negotiation, co-construction, and sharing, and strives to promote the establishment of a resource sharing system among member units, optimize the industry s resource allocation, and effectively help resolve The practical issues and difficulties that are most concerned by member units.

Yang Lin, Technical Director of Shouqi Car Rental, gave a keynote speech on Shouqi Car Rental to Boost Enterprise Travel

In the future, under the leadership of Shoulv Group and Shouqi Group, Shouqi Car Rental will continue to respond to the call of the China Touring Car and Boat Association and the Tourism Leasing Branch, hoping to integrate the company s resource advantages throughout the entire vehicle leasing industry chain and share it with the industry to help The Tourism Leasing Branch builds a platform that provides information communication, lessons learned, resource integration, and common development for the national tourism lease related industries.

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