China Tourism Association set up a tourism industry poverty alleviation e-commerce platform

On May 24, Zhang Rungang, vice president and secretary general of the China Tourism Association, stated that at the 2019 Local Tourism Association Symposium held recently, the China Tourism Association and some local tourism associations solemnly proposed to the industry to establish Public Welfare China The Tourism Association tourism industry precision poverty alleviation e-commerce platform hopes that the majority of member units and people from all walks of life will actively log on to the platform, vigorously purchase and sell agricultural and sideline products and rural tourism products in poor areas, and make contributions to the tourism industry in the fight against poverty.

Zhang Rungang introduced that in July 2018, the China Tourism Association and Zhongyi Shanyuan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of China, signed a cooperation agreement to rely on the Public Welfare China APP to develop the Public Welfare China Tourism Association platform and explore Internet + Tourism + Public Welfare poverty alleviation model.

Since then, the China Tourism Association has mobilized members, branches, local tourism associations, and association employees to join the China Charity Travel Association platform to participate in poverty alleviation efforts. At the beginning of 2019, the China Tourism Association and Ctrip and China Travel Agency Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements on poverty alleviation in tourism. At present, China Tourism Group and Donkey Mom are actively entering the platform. China National Tourism Group has put five counties targeted for poverty alleviation: Liping, Guizhou, Western Union, Yunnan, Menglian, Deqin, Shangri-La, and two counties assisting the National Development and Reform Commission to target poverty alleviation in Sichuan Mabian and Leibo into Public Welfare China Tourism Association -China Tourism Group s poverty alleviation organization structure, is also organizing poverty alleviation cadres in these 7 poor counties to prepare local agricultural and sid eline products to go online to the public welfare China Tourism Association for sale.

In addition, China Tourism Group s tourism service business group will provide Shangri-La s Time of Gifts tourism poverty alleviation theme route, Deqin tourist destination product recommendation, Guizhou Liping County Huanggang Beautiful Country boutique homestay project and other tourism poverty alleviation products will be launched on Public China Tourism Association platform. The donkey mother will launch special products to assist the government in poverty-stricken areas: such as Burqin cultural and creative products and special agricultural products, five golden flower agricultural products in Sichuan and Kowloon; meanwhile, they will also launch tourism products in “three districts and three states” in deep poverty areas.

The current organizational framework of the platform has been initially established, and more than one agricultural and sideline product have been launched. Zhang Rungang said that the platform is in its infancy and needs to be further improved and promoted. Next, the China Tourism Association plans to enrich the variety of products on the platform and the tourism products in poor areas; extensively mobilize member companies of the China Tourism Association and its branches and local tourism associations to settle on the platform to sell agricultural products and rural tourism products in poor areas. Call on its employees to register, purchase products on the platform, and reduce poverty through consumption; the China Tourism Association, together with the provincial and municipal tourism associations, has initiated an initiative to establish the Common Chinese Tourism Association platform Quality Merchants Alliance to the whole society to comprehensively improve the supply and q uality of agricultural products in poor areas To vigorously promote the upgrading and upgrading of leisure agriculture and rural tourism in poor areas.

We hope that more member units will actively participate and more tourism enterprises will settle in, so that the Public Welfare China Tourism Association platform can play a greater role in fighting poverty. Zhang Rungang said.

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