China Tourism Association held the press conference of the second “China Service” tourism product in

Following the introduction of the top 10 tourism product creative cases to the industry last year and the successful holding of the first China Services tourism product innovation conference, the China Tourism Association s case collection work has successfully concluded this year and will be held on December 8-10 in the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan The International Conference Center held the 2nd China Service tourism product innovation conference, grandly introduced cases and artisan figures with a spirit of reform and innovation, called on the industry to learn from them, explored and promoted the China Service landing in the tourism industry, so that more Of tourists experience high-quality tourism products and services and feel the beauty and happiness of life.

On November 22, the China Tourism Association held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the case collection this year and the preparations for the second China Service tourism product innovation conference. It is understood that China Services was proposed by Duan Qiang, President of the China Tourism Association in 2010, and advocated that building China Services brands should be the mission of the majority of tourism enterprises. China Tourism Association has launched the China Service tourism product creative case collection campaign for two consecutive years, which aims to serve the country s strong national quality strategy, promote the supply-side structural reform of the tourism industry, and establish a number of international standards, local characteristics, and value for money. Product benchmarking, thereby continuously promoting the quality of China Services, improving the quality and efficiency of service supply, broadening the international perspective of the industry, promoting cross-border cooperation, and telling the world the story of China Services and China Services It is as influential as Made in China and has become an important carrier for displaying the image of China and promoting Chinese culture.

晓 Wu Xiaomei, Deputy Secretary General of China Tourism Association, introduced the case collection and preparations for the conference this year

Among the cases introduced last year, the Palace Museum, Gaode Map, Guangzhou Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort, WeChat Pay, Yihe Car Rental, China Golden Key, Moganshan Tourism Scenic Town, Meituan Public Review Network, Xinrongji Catering and Suzhou Eslite Bookstore embodies the connotation of Chinese service, and has performed outstandingly in the integration of cultural tourism, the spread of Chinese culture, the application of high-tech to tourism products, and the persistent implementation of intensive service. After these cases have been introduced, they have all received more extensive attention, causing a wave of industry learning, and the products are also being further improved. For example, Bishuiwan will be online in 2019, and has landed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Anhui, Xinjiang and other places, providing new and effective solutions for the improvement of peer management and service; China s Golden Key accelerates the development of the country in 2019., And penetrate from the hotel field to more scenic spots, properties, airports, banks and other areas.

Like last year, the China Tourism Association started the collection of creative cases for China Services tourism products again in April this year, and added the collection of artisan spirit cases. The active participation of the majority of tourism companies. It has been recommended by Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Suzhou and other provinces and municipalities, as well as self-declared by enterprises. Up to now, the association has solicited nearly 150 cases, including tourism product cases and artisan spirit cases. Among them, there are a series of product cases of continuous improvement of customer service and continuous innovation, as well as cases of artisan spirit in tourism services that are pursued with work or one thing and one craft as faith. These cases have been successively Published on the official website and public account. The product cases collected at this event cover all aspects of tourism, including hotels, scenic spots, restau rants, travel, exhibitions, performing arts repertoires, etc., especially the cases of innovative and creative products that represent a new way of life. The spiritual cases include red commentators, chefs, hairdressers, entertainers, non-genetic inheritors, etc . Many of the details of some of these cases are moving and they will be invited to share their experience at the conference. The founder of Kaiyuan Tourism Group Chen Miaolin and Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Group Chairman Wu Guoping will tell them their decades-long efforts to create tourism products, and to provide tourists with the perfect experience as their life s lesser-known stories. Mao Peiqi, professor and doctoral supervisor of Renmin University of China; Wei Xiaoan, chief expert of World Tourism Cities Federation, chairman of China Tourism Association Leisure Vacation Branch, and deputy director of National Leisure Standardization Technical Committee; Yao Wang, consultant of Boao Forum for Asia; Beijing Jiaotong University Hyundai Dean of the Tourism Research Institute, Zhang Hui, vice president of the Beijing Tourism Association, and more than a dozen well-known domestic experts and scholars will come to the conference to deeply interpret and comment on the case.

The Service in China logo was used for the first time at the conference. The logo uses the traditional elements of Chinese landscapes to abstractly extract, and uses the brush strokes with Chinese style to draw mountains and clear waters. The colors are warm, tolerant, and open. It is easy to identify and remember. The graphics are strongly conveyed. The direction and positioning of Chinese Services. The characteristics of China s regional characteristics are extracted and combined with enthusiastic colors to form a highly harmonious and easy to spread graphic logo.

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