Chicheng Hot Spring Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Chicheng Hot Spring is located in Xijingliang, Chongli County, covering an area of ​​10 square kilometers. It is 265 kilometers away from Beijing, with an altitude of 1600-1900 meters and a natural snow period of more than 120 days. Standing on a high place, looking far into the distance, the snow is endless. There are now 10 slopes suitable for different skiing levels of junior, intermediate and advanced, with a total length of nearly 7000 meters, which can accommodate more than 1,000 people in the same fashion and snow, and some ski slopes can also be used as sports conditions and training grounds.

Chicheng Hot Spring, also known as Tangquan, is historically known as the first spring outside the customs. It is located in the valley of Cangshan, 7.5 kilometers west of Chicheng County, 140 kilometers from Zhangjiakou. Chicheng County has a quiet environment and a pleasant climate. The annual average temperature is between 12.6 ° C and 26.1 ° C, and it has the reputation of no coal for heating, no fan for cooling. The surrounding mountains are verdant, the trees are lush, the springs are lush, and the temples are hidden. In the Shui Jing Zhu of the Northern Wei Dynasty, it was recorded: To the north of Yuyang (now southwest of Miyun County, Beijing) there is Tangquan, three hundred miles to Yanjing ( Beijing) , which shows that Chicheng Hot Spring has a long history. There are many monuments such as inscriptions and temples. Emperor Kangxi accompanied the emperor s grandmother Xiaozhuang Wen to bathe here for more than 50 days. During the Republic of China, the anti-Japanese master Ji Hongchang also washed shame here. Natural hot springs with sufficient water discharge are divided into 6 springs: total spring, eye spring, stomach spring, flat spring, trachea spring, and cold spring. Due to the difference in water temperature and the content of different chemicals in the area, it is divided into treatment of skin diseases and stomach diseases., Eye diseases, respiratory and wind-induced colds.

About the origin of hot springs, there is a beautiful legend: In ancient times, there were 12 sun-baked earth in the sky, and a young man named Erlang was incomparably powerful and took 12 mountains to chase the sun. After catching up with a big mountain to suppress, when the last sun remained, the brave Erlang was exhausted, so there is only one sun left in the sky. And one of the 11 suns was pressed on Chicheng, and the spring water underneath was roasted by the sun and became the current hot spring.

Chicheng Hot Spring is located in a quiet valley 9 kilometers northwest of Chicheng County. Here the mountains are rugged, the mountains are verdant, the shade is thick, the environment is elegant, and the air is pleasant. In Maolin, there are numerous bathrooms and various hotels and entertainment venues. It is a famous tourist and health resort. The hot spring water here has a water temperature above 68 ° C and contains a variety of minerals, which can treat many diseases. Since the Han Dynasty, history books have recorded that there are two stone monuments in Hangu Hot Spring and Guanwai First Spring, which are ancient monuments left during the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty.

Because the climate of Chicheng is relatively cold, it is just May and June, the water is not too cold, and the weather is not too hot. It is spring time, so that some elderly people with bad joints can wash. This can reduce some physical discomfort! !!

From Beijing, take the Jingzhang Expressway to the Shacheng exit and follow the Baoping Highway to Chicheng County westbound to the hot spring. You can also take the Jingjiang Highway from Yanqing to Chicheng. There are shuttle buses to Chicheng at Beijing Xizhimen and Deshengmen bus stations .

Complete supporting facilities, including 2 star hotels, 4 standard hotels, entertainment facilities such as singing, dancing, swimming, hunting, fishing, convenient transportation and communication.

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