Chengshantou Scenic Area Tourist Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Chengshantou, also known as the end of the sky, is located in Longxudao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. It is named because it is located at the eastern end of the Chengshan Mountains. Chengshantou is surrounded by the sea on three sides and on the other side. It faces the sea across South Korea. It is only 94 nautical miles away. It is the eastern most point of the land-sea junction in China. Place , known as Cape of Good Hope in China .

The highest point of Tanchengshantou Scenic Area is 200 meters above sea level, 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west, 2 kilometers long from north to south, and covers an area of ​​2.5 square kilometers. The mountains here are lush and green, the sea ​​is vast and blue, the cliffs are soaring, the waves are snowing, and the momentum is magnificent. It is an ideal tourist summer resort. In 1988, it was approved as National Scenic Spot by the State Council. There are mainly Haidong Island, Shihuang Temple, Qin Dynasty Standing Stones, Sun Terrace, Qin Bridge Ruins, Wanghai Pavilion, Guantao Pavilion, Zhenlong Stone and Wildlife Park.

In 219 and 210 BC, Qin Shihuang visited the place twice, repairing the long bridge and searching for the elixir of eternal life, leaving the relics of Qinling Mountains, Saiyingtai and the only Shihuang Temple in China. Qin Dongmen ; in 94 BC, Emperor Hanwu visited the sea eastward, worshiped the Sun Lord Temple of Chengshan Mountain, watched the sunrise, built the View of Chengshan Mountain , and used it as a red goose song; Renmoke came here for sightseeing. Comrades wrote the words End of the Sky and Surge of the Heart with the pen.

Erhai Donkey Island is located in the northern sea area of ​​Chengshantou, the nearest distance to the land is 4 nautical miles. Because of the beautiful scenery and far from the land, it attracts countless seabirds to inhabit, lay eggs and reproduce. Every spring, thousands of seagulls come here to inhabit and lay eggs, and there are numerous nests in the rock crevices, so it is also called the Kingdom of Seagulls.

The Temple of the First Emperor Shihuang is located on the sunny slope under the peak of Chengshan Mountain. It was originally a palace built by Qin Shihuang during the east tour of Chengshan Mountain in 210 BC. Later, in order to commemorate the first emperor s visit to this place, it was rebuilt into the first emperor temple. It is also the only temple in the country commemorating Qin Shihuang. Inside the temple are the main hall of the front hall, the emperor s hall of the main hall, the east harem of the east hall, the Deng public hall, the bell tower and the stage. The main hall has blue bricks and red columns, and the eaves are volleyed. Inside the Deng Gong Ancestral Hall is the royal stele of Emperor Guangxu Emperor Beichang, a patriotic general Deng Shichang, and the first generation of temple repairers, the first veteran of the road, Xu Fuchang s feathered coffin. (Unearthed cultural relics in the Qing Dynasty)

The Qin Han History Museum is located in the Chengshantou Scenic Area. The museum uses Qin and Han literature and historical materials and cultural relics related to the Chengshantou Scenic Area as the main display content, and uses text, painting, photos, sand tables, and photoelectric display as display means to make each exhibition hall independent and continuous. It has both the characteristics of Chengshan and profound history, and has both a national flavor and a modern style, in order to achieve the purpose of showing the long history of the Chinese nation and patriotic education for tourists. The name of the museum is inscribed by Mr. Yu Zhiyuan, a national expert with outstanding contributions, a famous professor of ancient Chinese literature and history, and honorary dean of the Normal University of Dalian University.

219 In 219 BC, Qin Shihuang led a civil officer and general general to the east of Chengshan. When he reached the end of the sky, his prime minister Li Si wrote the Qin Dongmen at the end of the sky and set a monument on the top of Chengshan. Due to the age, the stone monument was cut into two pieces, and the upper part of the stone fell into the sea. The base of the existing mountain top is 120 cm high, 145 cm wide, and 75 cm thick . According to experts research, the stone of this stone is woody rock, and the stone of the mountain The difference is indeed the standing stone of the Qin Dynasty.

Luxi Xiakou Wildlife Sanctuary is a stocking wildlife zoo located on the banks of Longan Bay with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, and at the foot of Chengshan Mountain. The park introduces a variety of national level 1-2 and provincial key protected animals from zoos across the country, including Siberian tiger, leopard, black bear, African lion, blue peacock, moose, kangaroo, sika deer, etc., which will lead you to enjoy the natural scenery, Return to primitive forest.

Couplet ticket: Chengshantou and Safari Park joint ticket is 70 yuan, and Haidong Island joint ticket is 65 yuan; Chengshantou, safari zoo and Haidong Island three-point joint ticket is 90 yuan.

Tips: 1. Don t swim here, there is undercurrent on the sea floor, which is very dangerous. 2. After arriving in Weihai, take a 10 yuan CMB to the bus station and stay overnight in Chengshantou. It should be nice to watch the sunrise. It is best to go when the wind is strong.

The three-star Boxia Villa is the best hotel in Chengshantou Scenic Area. The standard room price is 360 yuan. Individuals can only get a 10% discount during peak seasons, while the group price is only about 140-150 yuan per room. Reservation phone: 7838888.

Package A taxi from Weihai to and from around 180 yuan (not using a meter), or you can take a bus from Weihai Bus Station. The one-way fare is 10 yuan, which can be reached in 90 minutes. Weihai departure time: 6:10, 6:40, 7:10, 7:40, 12:15, 12:48, 13:20, 13:50, Chengshantou return time: 8:45, 9:15, 9: 45, 10: 15, 14:30, 14:55, 15:20, 16:30. If you miss the direct train, you can also take a car to Lungsu Island (Weihai to Lungsu Island s Zhongbatuo). Lungsu Island is only three or four miles away from Chengshan Mountain. Even if you walk, you can definitely arrive in half an hour.. In addition, Liugong Island has a ship to Chengshantou at 11:00 every day, and returns to Weihai at 18:00, with one meal included, and the fare is 100 yuan.

Weihai cuisine is of course the first seafood. A variety of fresh fish, shrimp, crab, snails, etc. are mostly placed at the entrance of the restaurant for you to choose. Plan carefully to make every seafood meal a superb gourmet treat.

The tadpole is also a belt fish, and the belt fish in Weihai is particularly large and thick. It is said that because of the high winds and waves of the Weihai Bay, it is absolutely possible to swim in with a particularly strong belt fish.

Sea urchins are not small, they are full of fists. The best way to eat them is to steam out the sea urchin s crab-like things and then mix them in a special soup. Don t miss this high-protein cuisine.

There is a dish called bitter snail, which is not astonishing in appearance, but has a delicious taste and the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. If you eat with a Weihai girl at the same table, then this bitter snail is likely to be swept away by her like a melon seed.

Eat Don t worry about the price when eating seafood in Weihai. Except for a few rare species, the price of most seafood is half or even lower than that of the mainland. Even if you eat seafood in famous seafood restaurants such as Little Rock Island and Great Wall in Weihai, 200 yuan is enough for 4 people.

The seafood dumplings are characteristic of Weihai. You can eat a large pot for 6 yuan or 8 yuan. Various flavors of hand-rolled noodles are full of gluten, especially kidney bean hand-rolled noodles are the signature pasta of almost every noodle restaurant. Jiajiawang and Pacific are the more popular choices. For 10 yuan per person, you can eat a hearty snack consisting of dumplings, noodles, spring cakes, cold dishes and drinks.

The large and small barbecue restaurants are densely populated in the urban area. In addition to the higher-priced Korean dishes, most of them are in the form of self-service barbecues, which are both economical and fun. The Sister Zhang s BBQ shop serves RMB 16 per person, which is a relatively common price in Weihai.

Salted fish cake is a very authentic Weihai food, similar to Tianjin s Piezizi boiled small fish . Boil the fish first, then paste the cornmeal cakes on the edge of the pan and cook, then eat the salted fish and other ingredients such as spring onions, sauce, garlic, cucumber shreds. A lot of dishes. This special food is available in both large restaurants and street stalls.

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