Chenghuang Temple Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

The Shanghai City God Temple is famous all over the world. It is adjacent to Yuyuan Garden, also known as the Old City God Temple. It is located on Fangcheng Middle Road, east to Anren Street, north to Fuyou Road, and west to Jiuxiaochang Road. During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty (1403–1424), the Jinshan Temple was rebuilt by Zhang Shouyue of Zhixian County. The historical Chenghuang Temple was destroyed and built repeatedly. The current Chenghuang Temple was built in 1926. During the Anti-Japanese War, Chinese merchants built another new city temple in the concession (located at the Jinling West junction of Lianyung Road, which has been converted into a multi-story house), so the city temple was called the old city temple. Renovated in 1995, and received believers and tourists. The main entrance is four pillars and three entrances. There are eight immortals on the top of the flying eaves, and there is a pair of stone lions next to the entrance. The main hall is made of green bamboo and eaves.

The old city temple and the Yu Garden behind it are not only famous places to visit, but also a good place for shopping. There are not only small commodities, souvenirs and specialty goods markets, but also large comprehensive shopping malls and famous snacks.

Road 801 Shanghai Railway Station-Hanzhong Road-North Chengdu Road-Middle Tibet Road-Fujian Road-Hankou Road-Chenghuang Temple-Jiangxi Middle Road-Yangjiadu-Dongjiadu-Nanpu Bridge 6: 00-19: 00

932 Road Chenghuang Temple–Huaihai East Road–Laobeimen–South Tibet Road–Songshan Road–South Huangpi Road–Fuxing Middle Road–Xujiahui Road–Chongqing South Road–Jianguo Middle Road–Xietu Road- -Dapu Road –Damuqiao Road–Fenglin Road–Nanyang Middle School–Dong an Road–Second Automobile Company–Wanping South Road–Tianyaoqiao Road–Shanghai Stadium–Oncology Hospital–Wanping South Road- -Longshan Xincun–Longhua Town–Longliao Road–Xinlonghua–Xitai Road–Hangxiao Road–Longshan South Road 6: 00-20: 30

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