Chengdu’s first coffee culture featured industrial Street appears

The geological exploration road of Taoyuan community, Taoxi road street, Chenghua District, Chengdu City is full of cultural atmosphere. Since 2014, eight large-scale coffee businesses have settled down on this road, which makes coffee culture industry grow stronger and stronger here. On July 22, it is understood that this 375 meter long coffee culture characteristic industrial Street has been completed. As the first coffee culture characteristic industrial Street in our city, it has become a card punching place for citizens to taste coffee culture and enjoy “slow life”.

Laicoffee culture characteristic industry Street

You can make your own coffee

“It used to be a very common street. After upgrading, I felt that it was upgraded in an instant.” On July 22, it was said that the community had built a coffee culture characteristic industrial Street, and the community residents, Lin Jian, came to “join the fun” with their children. “When we walked into this street, a strong smell of coffee came to us. We ordered a cup of hand-made coffee, listened to the light and elegant music in the coffee shop, and suddenly felt that the whole nerve was relaxed. It’s really a good place to experience” slow life. ” Not only that, Lin Jian also enjoyed making coffee under the guidance of the barista in the coffee shop. “I don’t drink coffee very often, but I should come here often in the future.”

Hou Quanzhong, 45, is not only an ordinary Taoyuan community resident, but also an entrepreneur. His other identity is the head of a coffee shop in this coffee culture industry street. When the reporter saw Hou Quanzhong, he was teaching Feng Junru, a community resident, the skills of brewing fine coffee. “Simple coffee management can’t fully reflect the prosperity of geological exploration coffee street.” Hou Quanzhong told reporters that the coffee shop would organize community residents to participate in a series of activities related to coffee culture from time to time. In addition to providing coffee for residents, the coffee shop would also provide residents with courses to learn how to make coffee.

Take “one store, one product” as the style

A good place to taste coffee

“We renovated and renovated the ground pavement and building facade of the street, upgraded the green plants, and organized all coffee businesses in the street to create their own personalized image.” Taoxi Road Street related person in charge told reporters that at present, the building work has been completed in an all-round way. According to the planning of Taoxi road street for this street, geological exploration road strives to build a coffee culture characteristic industrial Street with the theme of “one shop, one product”. The rich history, rich cultural heritage and beautiful ecological environment of the geological exploration road are the biggest advantages that coffee shops can take root in. Taoxi Road Street wants to take this as a help to integrate the characteristic business forms of the geological exploration road coffee street, guide the gathering and development of the mainstream business forms such as the geological exploration road coffee culture, and build the geological exploration road coffee Street into a signboard to let more people enter here.

The relevant person in charge of the street said that next, the street will continue to guide coffee merchants to gather, improve the industrial ecological chain, strive to build a new all-in-one experience consumption scene of “shopping, entertainment and food”, further enhance the commercial value of the street, and provide a good place for citizens to taste coffee and enjoy “slow life”.

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