Chengdu aviation sports enthusiasts aerial photography Daocheng

At that time, the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius and the wind speed reached 3 meters per second, and the external conditions were very suitable for takeoff. Gao Ming flew for the first time. After everything was ready, he started to speed up with the help of two companions. The air on the plateau was already thin. Coupled with strenuous exercise, his lungs were about to explode. The grassy runway was not as smooth as the concrete road, and he ran less than 50 meters deep, and he began to sweat all over. After about 180 meters, the paramotor finally left the ground and flew to the sky. It is understood that due to the special nature of altitude flight, the starting requirements are particularly high. If a pilot fails to take off three times, he can only declare failure.

For safety reasons, the relative height of the paramotor from the ground is between 200 and 300 meters, and the flight time is about 1 hour. The snow-capped mountains are right next to you, and the beauty of the plateau is unobstructed. The most amazing thing is that a goshawk is also hovering around, as if flying higher than anyone else. Speaking of the feeling of flying in the air, after a few days Gao Ming still couldn t restrain his excitement. Many people in the county saw the paramotor for the first time. They threw up their hats and ran to the lawn to greet us. All five pilots took off smoothly and landed safely. The snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, trestle bridges, mills, and Daocheng County under construction, cameras and cameras mounted on the pilot s helmet, recorded the beauty of the last Shangri-La one by one. At that moment, I really felt what Xanaduyuan was, Gao Mingyi said endlessly .

Early in the morning on the 3rd, they rode to Aden, using horses to carry parachutes and paragliders, and Gao Ming said with a smile that the most modern means of transportation at that moment rely on stables to come in handy. When they arrived in Aden It was 10:30, and weather conditions no longer allowed flight. They had to make a test flight with a paraglider.

Gao Ming said that his aviation club has launched the Shangri-La aerial photography program. We plan to go to Daocheng and Aden for aerial photography in September. At that time, the colors will be richer and the scenery will be more beautiful . With this experience, we will Fly higher, take more photos, and let people feel the beauty there.

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