Chengdu Amusement Park [Chengdu, Sichuan]

It is located on the riverside of Qiaotoufu, No. 1 in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu, with an area of ​​165 acres. It is the only multi-functional comprehensive large-scale park in Southwest China that is dominated by modern amusement facilities and combines science, sports and amusement. Since its opening, the park has 28 large and medium-sized amusement equipment and more than 60 small projects produced in China, Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries. Among them, there are currently the highest and largest high-altitude observation cars in China that are suitable for all ages., Aerial circle trains, small trains, bumper cars, happy chairs, shooting halls, water world, etc.; there are amazing and interesting high-altitude rolling trains, brave turntables, crazy mice, super swings, off-road racing parachute teams There are also electric motorcycles, remote-controlled cars, remote-controlled boats, air combat aircraft, elevators, bouncing castles, disca fitness amu sement vehicles, etc., which are generally intended for children. The park has also built a wealth of small-scale amusement programs specifically for enlightening young children s intelligence.

The catering and commerce and trade service facilities in Gion Garden are beautiful, with bamboo and wood sparse, green grass, perfect safety management measures, and accidental injury exclusive insurance. It is an ideal place for leisure, entertainment and fitness.

Qiao Yiqiao from Shuangliu got a real fire in Rongcheng. The special taste and unique way of eating attracted the eyes of countless delicious people, especially in the hot midsummer. Friends invited two or three, and clicked two or three. A weird stir-fry , a few bottles of cold beer, is really easy and pleasant …

Qiao Yiqiao s dishes are generally heavier and have Sichuan characteristics, which are typical of popular tastes. The dishes include: Weird Lobster, Spicy Goose Wings, Stir-fried Shire, Stir Fried Fossil, Spicy Rabbit Head, Although there are not many goose lips and so on, everything is spicy and refreshing. Even if you eat it with a greasy mouth, you still can t stop it …

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