Chaotianmen Tourism

Chaotianmen is located at the junction of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in the northeast of Chongqing City. It has two rivers, three sides of barriers, medium and high terrain, and the sides gradually slope downward. In the early Ming Dynasty, the old city ​​of Chongqing was expanded. Seventeen gates were built according to the number of gossips in the nine palaces, the largest of which was Chaotianmen. The original title on the door was Ancient Yuxiong Pass. Therefore, the gate flows eastward along the Yangtze River and faces the emperor s capital, Nanjing. Here, the imperial palace is welcomed and the decree is received, hence the name Chaotianmen . In 1949, the September 2nd fire turned a 2km area near Chaotianmen into a ruin. The newly-built Chaotianmen Square is a great place to look at the confluence of the two rivers and get a panoramic view of the scenery along the river. Chaotianmen Wharf is an important hub of Chuanjiang water transportation, and a famous spot in Cho ngqing city. The Jialing River on the left receives a small stream that flows into the Yangtze River. Whenever the early summer and mid-autumn, the turquoise waters of the Jialing River collided with the brown-yellow Yangtze River water, swirling, clear and clear, forming a jama water landscape. After the Rongjialing River on the Yangtze River on the right, it became more and more powerful. It passed through the Three Gorges and passed through the Han River. It became a golden water section on the Yangtze River. The nearby business is extremely developed, with mountains and rivers interdependent and buildings connected. At night, the lights of Wanjia and the waves of the Manjiang River complement each other, magnificent and extraordinary.

Hejiangkou Town has a 50-meter turntable Heping Hotel for 40 yuan / triple room. Although it is not the cheapest, it is clean and the terrace on the fourth floor is directly facing the Wujiang turntable.

The most special feature is Chongqing hot pot, which is famous all over the world! If you are still more spicy, you must taste Chongqing hotpot when you come here. You can use fresh red belly soup, fresh duck intestines, enoki mushrooms, etc . ~ I think it s drooling! !! If you can t eat spicy, there are also clear soups, but clear soup hot pot is not the characteristic of Chongqing hot pot.. There are also several large fast-food restaurants in Chaotianmen. McDonald s chickens are waiting for you to choose from!

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