Changli Gold Coast National Nature Reserve

The Changli Gold Coast Nature Reserve is a state-level marine type nature reserve approved by the State Council on September 30, 1990. The area is located on the coast of Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, northeast of Hebei Province, and the land extends from the south bank of the Dapu River Estuary in the north to the south. The north bank of the estuary, with a total length of 47.22 kilometers and a depth of 3 kilometers, is divided into core areas, buffer zones and experimental areas; the total area of ​​the protected area is 30,000 hectares. The main protection objects of the protected area are sand dunes, sandbanks, lagoons and forest belts Natural landscapes of sandy coasts and marine ecosystems along the coast.

I The sandy coast here has more than 40 rows of sand dunes, the highest point is 44 meters, which is the highest peak of coastal sand dunes in the country. Wenchang fish, known as living fossil by animal taxonomists, is the dominant species of benthic animals in this area. It has a habitat density of 1035 tails per square meter near the isotherm of 10-12 meters in shallow water. It is currently the highest density of Wenchang fish in China. One of the regions. This is the kingdom of birds. Almost one third of the birds in the country can be traced here. Among them, there are as many as 68 species of birds under the state s key protection. It is one of the main habitats and breeding places of world rare birds black-billed gulls.

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1. Beijing-Shenyang Expressway: Exit No. 18 (Qinglong, Funing, Changli exit), follow the Fuchang Yellow Expressway and follow the directions indicated by the Changli, Gold Coast road signs. The highway exit is 25 kilometers to Changli County . Funing County Town bus to Changli every 20 minutes, the fare is 4.5 yuan. 10 kilometers from Changli County to the Gold Coast —– Beijing tourist route

Take Exit 19 (Qinhuangdao Exit), follow National Highway 205 to Changli 45 kilometers west, or 40 kilometers along Beidaihe along the coastal highway to reach the Gold Coast. Qinhuangdao Coach Station has a bus to the Gold Coast every 30 minutes starting at 12 noon , three times in total. —– Northeast direction tourist carriage route.

2, 102 National Road: After Lulong, follow Lulong to Changli Highway for 40 kilometers to reach Changli County. Lulong to Changli buses every 10 minutes, the fare is 5 yuan / person. Then follow the Fuchang Yellow Highway for 10 kilometers east to reach the Gold Coast. There is a bus to Changli Bus Station in the summer to reach the Gold Coast. The fare is 5 yuan / person.

National Highway No. 3 and 205: From Tianjin and Tangshan, travel 30 kilometers east from Ying County to Changli County, and then 10 kilometers east from Fuchang Huang Expressway to reach the Gold Coast.

4. Tianjin-Tangshan Expressway: Take the Tangshan Pass and turn to the exit of the Tanggang Expressway Leting, to the left of the coastal highway, cross the Luohe Bridge to Liutaizhuang Town, 20 kilometers north to Changli County, 25 kilometers east to the Gold Coast.

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