Centennial Street-Zhuhai Road

Zhuhai Road is an old street with a history of more than 100 years. It was built in 1883, it is 1.44 kilometers long and 9 meters wide. Most of these buildings are two to three floors, which are mainly influenced by Western scroll-type buildings such as consulates built in Ye Ying, France, Germany and other countries in our city at the end of the 19th century. There are carved lines on the outer edge of the arch and the top of the window pillar, with smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship. Different styles of decoration and relief on the face of the street wall form two sets of aerial sculpture corridors in the north and south. The part of the building facing the street is not only an extension of the road to both sides, but also an extension of the paving surface. People walking under the building can shelter from the wind and the rain, as well as avoid the scorching sun. The style of ancient Roman architecture.

Before 1927, Zhuhai Road was the most prosperous commercial district in the North Sea. The stores were lined up. The shops in the middle section mainly deal with silk from Suzhou and Hangzhou. The section is close to Waisha Port, and all the shops are engaged in fisherman supplies such as ropes, fishnets, fishhook, fishing lights, wind canvas, and boat nails.

With the passage of time, Zhuhai Road has gradually lost its former prosperity. In addition to the sparse and few shops operating fishing gear, other shops have almost become dwellings, and the street buildings are gradually aging, but because Zhuhai Road is still preserved Complete , still known as Modern Architecture Yearbook by historians and architects.

The famous writer Shu Yi (son of Lao She) believes that Zhuhai Road is exactly the same as Singapore s national treasure-level old street, and it is recommended that our city protect this old street with great development value. British architecture expert Mr . Bai Ruide believes that the historical and cultural value of Zhuhai Road is not only of significance to the North Sea, but also of South China, the whole of China, and the world.

The The Mayor of Montreal, Canada, Pierre Burke suggested that the North Sea apply to UNESCO to protect Zhuhai Road as a world cultural heritage. The protection of ancient buildings in China has been very bad. I wonder if this old street can surprise Chinese people ?

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