Dalian Forest Zoo is located in the Baiyun Scenic Spot of Baiyun Scenic Area at the southern end of the beautiful urban area. Dalian Forest Zoo was founded in 1990 and covers an area of ​​7.2 hectares. It is surrounded by mountains and sea, surrounded by mountains, and has aRead More →

It is located 30 kilometers southwest of Fangcheng County. It bears Funiu Mountain in the north, Hidden Mountain in the south, and Baihe River in the west. It is a diffuse post extending from Funiu Mountain. The terrain is dangerous and it is a thoroughfare for the ancient Xianghan Pass.Read More →

The Qiang Bamboo House is a two-story building constructed entirely of bamboo. The columns, beams, and roof trusses are made of thick bamboo, the walls are woven with bamboo sheets, the cut bamboo is flattened to make floors, and the doors and windows are also made of bamboo. Some overheadsRead More →

Da s family is very hospitable. As soon as the guests arrive, the gracious host will come up with dish dishes and serve them with four small dishes. When eating, let the elderly and guests eat first to show respect. If there is a distinguished guest, most of them eatRead More →

Boao Port, with its vast territory and dangerous terrain, is the three rivers where Wanquan, Longgun, and Jiuqu come together, and then flows into the sea. The mouth of Wanquan River has two islands, Dongyu Island and Xiong River. There are islands in the water of Boao Port, and thereRead More →

Offering Hada is the most common etiquette of the Tibetan people, expressing their purity, sincerity, loyalty and respect to the other party. In Tibet, all the wedding and funeral festivals, welcomes, visits to the chief, seeing Buddha statues, farewells , etc. all have the habit of offering Hada. It isRead More →

  When the young guys of the Achang tribe marry, they need to have two hands and feet, and the agile companion to help support the umbrella. Because when the groom wants to enter the girl s house, the young girls in the bride s village will pour clear water fromRead More →