Bungee jumping not only can fully feel the thrill of free fall, but also enjoy the fun of rebound weightlessness. Therefore, in addition to increasing your own courage, you can also have the ability to challenge yourself, overcome fear, and conquer gravity! Bungee jumping has taken many forms to thisRead More →

The diet of the Tibetans is slightly different from the pastoral and agricultural areas, but they share common hobbies. They all like to eat green tree noodles, butter tea and beef, lamb, and dairy products. In the past, there was very little food in the pastoral areas, and the meatRead More →

When you overcome the difficulties and dangers and place yourself at the foot of the Bogda Peak, you will be pleased to find that in the inaccessible Bogda Ice Peak Snow Ridge, people are so small, and mountains and nature are so vast. In the pure land of Bogda, thereRead More →

Wat Traimit means three friends. The original temple was built by three overseas Chinese. The temple is not big, but there are dozens of large and small tour buses crowded here The water was leaking, and all the tourists got out of the car and headed for the Buddha HallRead More →

Chengnan Park is located south of the ancient city of Shaoyang, covering an area of ​​107,600 square meters. Built in the autumn of 1955. The park is located in a suitable location with good environmental conditions. The green coverage in the park is 70 %, the activity scene is wide,Read More →

West Sichuan is the place with the highest frequency of beauty pageants in China. Glaciers, canyons, snow-capped mountains, forests, grasslands, and Tibetan villages are all beautiful places that make people yearn for, see and see, and go again and again. Travel west of Sichuan, choose the most beautiful targets toRead More →

Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot, located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, is composed of 6 old scenic spots: Water Cave, Hot Spring Temple, Tanggou, Guanmen Mountain, Tiecha, and Miaohou Mountain. It is distributed along the Prince River in a strip shape with a total area of ​​42.2 square kilometers. LishuiRead More →