Located in Xiawan Village, Qianjiadian Town, at the junction of Huairou County and 70 kilometers northeast of Yanqing County, it is a small waterfall with unique form. Due to the drop of about 20 meters, the sound of water is roaring, and the upper part of the waterfall is small,Read More →

Wetland description: East Dongting Lake is a large lake-shaped wide river channel that accepts the water volume of the four rivers of Xiang, Zi, Jing, and Hu in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and Hunan. The lake is surrounded by vast swamps and plains. Description ofRead More →

Humans have never stopped the desire to fly. The feathered wings were tied to the body, and they jumped from a height just to experience the excitement of flying in the air. This was an instant experience in which the ancients exchanged their lives for life. Nowadays, people have realizedRead More →

The Geleshan Martyr s Cemetery, formerly known as the Old Site of the China-US Cooperation Office , is about 7 kilometers long from east to west and about 10 kilometers across. More than 800 buildings and houses in this special zone will include Jangdong, Meiyuan, Yangjiaping, stone quarry, Baigongguan, Wulingguan,Read More →

Drum Tower is located on the north of Xidajie Road. It was built in the 13th year of Emperor Taiyuan Zhu Yuan Zhang Hongwu (AD 1350). The Drum Tower is rectangular with a base of 33 meters and an area of ​​1204.3 square meters. The base is made of blueRead More →

The Gurban Tungut Desert is at 44 ° 15 ′ to 46 ° 50 ′ north latitude and 84 ° 50 ′ to 91 ° 20 ′ east longitude. It is the second largest desert in China. The area east of the Manas River and south of the Wulungu RiverRead More →