The weather in mainland Australia is generally changeable, so it is recommended to bring a folding umbrella and raincoat with you. The Australian season is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. December to March are the hottest months, and June to September are the coldest months . The temperature differenceRead More →

Zhuhai Road is an old street with a history of more than 100 years. It was built in 1883, it is 1.44 kilometers long and 9 meters wide. Most of these buildings are two to three floors, which are mainly influenced by Western scroll-type buildings such as consulates built inRead More →

Beijing Nangong Hot Spring Fishing Center is located in Beijing Nangong World Geothermal Expo Park, next to Nangongyuan Park. The overall environment is elegant and quiet. Its main design uses a round arched colored steel roof, which is tall and spacious, and imposing. In the summer, it is cooled byRead More →

After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, under the direct care of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, in order to spread Marxism-Leninism, ideology, carry forward and inherit the revolutionary tradition, the Party Central Committee and the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee decided in the Northern BureauRead More →

Beigong Forest Park is located in the northwest of Fengtai District, adjacent to Lugou Bridge in the east, Qinglong Lake in the west, and Wangjiejie Temple in the north. With a planned area of ​​8 square kilometers, it is planned to construct seven functions such as a tourist picking area,Read More →

Beijing Qinglong Lake Park is located on the bank of Qinglong Lake in Wangzuo Township, Fengtai District, Beijing. It covers an area of ​​1,000 acres and is only more than 20 kilometers away from the capital city. It has convenient transportation. The water area of ​​the park is 6000 acres.Read More →

The ancient town preserves several miles of Yihe Ancient Market, quaint shops, dwellings, unique workshops, patchwork penthouses, twisty and deep slate alleys, and ancient small stone bridges, making Anchang Ancient Town attractive. More and more tourists come here for sightseeing.   Anchang s small bridge is very distinctive, arches,Read More →

Beijing Badaling Wildlife World is a large-scale natural ecological park built on the mountain, covering an area of ​​6000 6000 acres. It is located at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall, the end of the Beijing-Badaling Expressway, and the east side of the newly built Badaling Great Wall largeRead More →