Carrying paragliders and eagles, challenge the limits

In a windy and sunny day, look for a high mountain top, carrying a paraglider, starting with the wind, accelerating, and putting in the arms of the blue sky … Dancing with the wind, with the eagle, This challenging sport has gradually been loved by Nanjing fashionistas.

Mr. Wu of Nanjing Telecom has 3 years of paraglider flying experience. He told reporters: Gliding is both entertaining and challenging. Although it requires a higher cost, it is relatively low compared to other aviation sports, and my financial ability can bear it. When I wanted to learn to glide, Nanjing Before anyone can, I will go to Beijing to study and learn to fly alone in 7 days. Now, as long as the weather is good, I have to fly five or six times a month. It is indescribable, and only those who really fly can appreciate it.

Mr. Wu has a C-Class certificate for paraglider pilots, and is able to autonomously fly using powered airflow. He said that the paraglider is mainly composed of umbrella clothing, umbrella rope, control belt, seat bag and backup umbrella. It also needs to be equipped with personal protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, shoes, gloves and so on. The price of ordinary paraglider equipment is generally 10,000 yuan or 20,000 yuan. The paraglider can take off on the hillside. As long as the hot air flow is found in the air, it can hover and glide for a long time in the sky; it can also perform flight actions such as climbing, off-road, stagnation, and even spiral flipping.

At present, most gliding enthusiasts in Nanjing choose to glide in Tangshan and Fangshan in Jiangning, and Chishan in Jurong. When choosing a location, it is not only required that the mountain should be tall and long, and the foot of the mountain must be wide, without high voltage lines. Zijin Mountain is actually the best gliding place in Nanjing, but there are too many buildings and trees under the mountain. Mr. Wu said that weather conditions will also affect the safety of the flight. After arriving at the take-off field, you must first observe the wind direction. The continuous wind speed below the third or fourth level is suitable for gliding. Gliding in the air, like driving on the road, also requires certain flight rules. Generally, the paraglider should fly to the right, and when passing in the same direction, it should also fly to the right. In addition, the glider flying on the upper level should let the lower level fly, and the glider flying away from the mountain should be close to the mountain, otherwise collision and other situations may occur. But so far, gliders in Nanjing have only had some scratches on the skin, or sprained legs and feet caused by uneven ground due to uneven ground.

Mr. Zhang started to learn to glide before the Spring Festival. After studying for four days, he tried to fly alone. When he flew for the first time, he was so nervous that he accidentally sprained his feet when landing. In the beginning , my wife resolutely opposed to playing this sport and thought it was dangerous. But my usual work pressure is very high. Through this sport, I can adjust my mood and relax myself. Outside the busy city life, fly to the sky and listen The pure wind sound is really a treat.

According to Mr. Pan, the outdoor sports leader of the Zijin Mountain Downward Traveler s Boundary Travel Club who organized this event, paragliding has been familiar and loved by many people in Beijing, Shandong, Henan and other cities.

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