Canadian citizens apply for a Chinese visa

There is still more than a month to usher in the summer vacation back to China peak. Since 2019, the form of Chinese visa application for Canadian citizens that can be handled by tourism companies in the past has been cancelled. Instead, a new set of online booking and filling in application has been replaced. In order to ensure that readers can obtain Chinese tourism and visiting visa smoothly, please collect this strategy.

Again, in the process of applying for a Chinese visa for the latest Canadian citizens, it is not only necessary to fill in forms and make appointments online, but also necessary for all applicants over the age of 14 (under 70) to submit application forms, scan their real faces and record their fingerprints on site. Although the process is complicated, the visa can be obtained smoothly as long as the process is followed and the preparations are made carefully.

China visa application process:

1. Online. Online. Go to the visa center for on-site pre-trial (after the pre-trial is passed, the visa application will be formally submitted);

4. Call at the window, submit the application documents and passports, and press the fingerprint;

5. Window payment (only debit card, no credit card and cash, no cash!!) , get the receipt. If you don’t receive a phone call from the visa center that night, it means the visa is going well.

6. According to the date on the receipt (generally 4 working days), go to the visa center to get the visa again with the receipt (you can mail the visa).

1. Fill in the form online

It is recommended that you carefully check the “application procedure” first, which lists the types of visa and “whether it is necessary to mail visa”

4. After filling in the application form and entering the application form, select “the visa center you will submit the application to”, and select “open a new application form” for the first time. If you have already filled in the form and want to continue to fill in it, select “continue to incomplete application form”.

During the filling process, please remember to press “temporary storage” to ensure the completeness of the filling content.

In the child visa application form, no matter the marriage status of both parents is married, divorced, separated or widowed, it is necessary to complete the information of both parents of the child;

Many people say that to apply for a Chinese tourist visa, it is necessary to invite Chinese relatives. In fact, when applying for a tourist visa, as long as there are round-trip tickets, hotel / accommodation lists, there is no need to invite Chinese relatives. However, the invitation letter of Chinese relatives is needed to attend weddings and funerals and apply for visiting visas.

Download address of invitation:

Travel itinerary (arrival time in destination city, hotel or other place address, departure time), if it is not enough, it can be printed and attached;

In the final part of the statement, children / adolescents under 18 years old need to be signed by their parents;

You can fill in part of the application form online first. After online “temporary storage”, please record the form number to ensure that you can continue to fill in the form next time. After filling in, the form must be printed (in color, black and white);

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months (new passport is required for less than 6 months)

The first is an electronic photo submitted from the online application form (which can be taken by mobile phone).

The figures in the photos shall not have bangs blocking the forehead, only white background or very close to white background is allowed;

Each applicant needs to bring one of the same photos as the application form to apply for visa at the site

This photo processing needs to know a certain computer graphics operation. Xiaobian uses a mobile phone to stand in front of the white wall and take photos. According to the photo size requirements, he makes an electronic photo with PS and uploads it to the form. Then he uses PS to put 8 small big head photos together into a 4×6 picture. It costs $0.20 to print a physical photo with shoppers, which is very economical. However, if PS operation is not possible, it is recommended that you find a professional photo studio to deal with it. There is a travel agency at the gate of Vancouver China Visa Application Center (three steps away) to take photos and fill in forms.

China visa online booking:

Go back to the welcome page, under “fill in the form online”, press “online appointment”

Select fill in the online appointment form and select the visa date.

Appointment notes:

When you go to the visa center, you must bring your reservation number. If the applicant fails to apply for pre-trial visa application, you need to go home to get supplementary materials or take additional photos. Even if the reservation number printed paper of the day is taken away, you can enter the visa center again for pre-trial. If the applicant comes back the next day, he / she needs to make an appointment online again. (but at the Chinese visa center in Vancouver, if there are any applicants who have made an appointment, just line up and enter.)

Both appointment and non appointment need to be queued, and there is no “appointment first” situation on site.

(although the website of the visa center states that only children who apply for a visa for the first time need a copy of the birth paper, in fact, even if they have a Chinese visa before, they need a copy of the birth paper.)

The applicant’s passport (photo page), the copy of the long passport of the applicant under the age of 18 (the copy of the photo page of both parents’ passports, key points: both parents’ passports) once had the copy of the Chinese visa (last time, this is very important)

All air tickets and hotel reservations (one for each applicant)

Canada China visa application

Visa submission: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

Payment: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

1. Urgent needs to be submitted before 12 noon

Visa submission: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

Payment: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

1. Urgent needs to be submitted before 11:30 noon

Visa submission: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

Payment: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Visa submission: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

Payment: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Visa submission: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

Payment: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

China visa application service center will have a rest every national holiday in Canada and China;

Except Vancouver and Ottawa, which have express time, the other three cities are not marked. If you need urgent, please call us;

We suggest that you check and take all the documents, forms, passports, old passports, birth papers, air tickets, hotel reservations, Chinese visas and so on;

In some cities, Chinese visa applications must be booked online (but on the site of Vancouver China visa center, if there are any applicants who have made an appointment, they will go to the queue on the same day);

Every morning and before 2:30-3 o’clock is the minimum time for people, almost no queuing;

Due to the actual face shooting, the applicant must go to the visa center, but children under 14 years old and the elderly over 70 years old (excluding 14 and 70 years old) do not need to go to the site;

Visa center does not have lunch time at noon, has been working;

The visa center has printers, copiers and computers. In case of special circumstances, you can change the form online on the spot, but you need to pay for copying;

Visa center can bring bag and telephone, but it is forbidden to take photos with mobile phone.

Finally, I encountered several cases of applicants who didn’t bring physical photos to be returned when queuing at the scene. Please pay attention to the above highlights when you go to China visa center, and wish you a smooth visa.

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