Can I travel to China without a visa? 72/144-hour transit visa exemption policy

What is visa free for foreigners?

The visa free policy for foreigners in transit is a part of the visa free system implemented by all countries in the world. It refers to the policy that foreigners can transit from one country to a third country without applying for a visa from the transit country and stay in the transit country for a short time, according to the laws or relevant regulations of the transit country.

Visa free in transit China is divided into 24 hours, 72 hours and 144 hours. In the actual tourism, 72 hours and 144 hours of transit visa free to enhance the effect of inbound tourism is relatively more obvious. Because this not only saves the time and energy of visa application, but also enriches the journey.

For example, American Catherine wants to play in Xiamen, China, midway from South Korea to Australia. Instead of applying for a Chinese visa in advance, she can stop in Xiamen for 144 hours, or six days, through the 144 hour visa free transit policy to finish all the famous scenic spots such as Gulangyu, Zhongshan Road and Nanputuo temple!

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