Buyi Five-color Flower Rice

The Buyi people are pure and clean, and have the aura of Luoping s mountains and rivers. They are a nation full of charm. In terms of diet, the Buyi people are very particular about cleanliness and deliciousness. The five-color flower rice they make is unique.

Five-colored rice is a specialty of Buyi people. It is not only bright in color, but also long-lasting. Colors are generally red, purple, black, white, and yellow, called five-colored flower rice, and some are dyed in red, yellow, and white, and called three-colored flower rice.

After the fall of each year, the Buyi people select the finest glutinous rice and put it alone for flower rice. At the traditional festival of the three ethnic groups in March of the following year, go back to the mountain or the front of the house to dig back several edible wild plants, smash the roots, stems, flowers, and leaves of these plants to extract red, yellow, and blue Three kinds of pigments, and then use these three tones to produce two colors of black and purple. Five colors of flower rice are ready.

White is the true color of rice, red, scarlet, and purple are soaked with the color juice of a plant called sister rice leaves. The difference between colors is the difference in leaf concentration; yellow is a type called Yellow rice flower plant flower seeds are soaked, black is soaked with straw and soaked in water, then filtered by ash residue, soaked in color water; purple black is soaked in the leaf juice of maple tree to make.

The soaked glutinous rice is placed in five small tile pots, and the five color juices are mixed and stirred. After the color juice has completely soaked the glutinous rice, take the five pots of colored rice to the riverside for washing — Xiaohe The name is Duoyi, and the Buyi girl on Taoyi River is the most beautiful scenery on the river. After scouring the rice, they can be mixed together, steamed in the rice dumplings, and finally poured into a dustpan to dry. At this time, the five -color flower rice is colorful, delicious and delicious, and can be eaten cold or steamed. For those who like sweets, add some honey, which is fragrant and sweet.

If you can t finish the five-color flower rice cooked during the festival, you can also make round rice balls, or let them dry out naturally and store them later, and eat them slowly in the future. The small rice balls are fried , and the swollen and crispy flower rice balls are not only crispy, but also good-looking. They are the best appetizers. The dried flowered rice is simmered in a bowl and softened with boiling water to form flower porridge. If you cook a few more poached eggs in the porridge, this plumeria rice porridge is the best food for Buyi people.

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