Buy period clothes, rent WiFi, bring up the beauty light!

The world is so big, you want to see it. The annual classic summer tourism peak has arrived. Where do you like to play in summer? With whom? What s your favorite play this year? What unexpected travel equipment necessities?

Online shopping guide platform recently released the 2019 Summer Travel Trend Report. Big data tells you that the continued popularity of parent-child travel is still the driving force of summer travel, and related children s travel safety supplies increased by 15.76% year-on-year; overall sales of swimming equipment such as swimming goggles increased 19.1%, women s purchasing power surpassed men s this year; travel selfie products have become new travel essentials, and sales of selfie beauty related products have increased by 15.68% month-on-month. Among them, beauty supplements have a sudden rise, with a year-on-year increase of up to 282.6%.

Parent-child family travel has always been the protagonist of summer travel, and this year is no exception.

According to the 2019 China Summer Tourism Forecast Report issued by the China Tourism Academy and the Ctrip Tourism Big Data Joint Lab, in the summer of 2019, parent-child family travel showed explosive growth, accounting for nearly 31% of the total travel population. Currently its platform Orders for children s tickets for the summer vacation increased by more than 50% year-on-year.

With the growing upsurge of parent-child travel, the sales volume of related children s and baby s travel products also showed a geometric growth trend.

Rebate data shows that from June to July this year, the entire network of anti-lost traction ropes, anti-lost backpacks, baby carrier waist stools, foldable strollers and other products continued to sell well. The overall sales increased by 12.62% year- on-year, of which anti-lost traction Rope has the highest growth trend, reaching 170.12%.

In the choice of popular travel destinations, the Huili Travel Channel combined with the bookings of multiple online travel agencies shows that the number of outbound tourists this summer has reached a record high. The increasing popularity of outbound tourism has also driven the business development of outbound WiFi products.

Rebate data shows that this year s outbound travel portable WIFI rental business has increased significantly compared to last year, an increase of 22.28% year-on-year. From the perspective of rental coverage destinations, the most popular outbound travel destinations this summer are the top three. The names are Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand in turn, accounting for 24.09%, 21.76%, and 20.88%, respectively.

According to the big data of Xiama Honeycomb, diving, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, cycling, and extreme sports have become the six most popular outdoor sports events in the past year. Summer is a hot season for swimming and diving. Data from Rebate Network shows that from June to July this year, the sales of swimming equipment such as swimwear, swimming goggles, and snorkeling masks continued to increase, and the overall sales increased by 19.1% year-on-year.

Among them, the snorkeling mask has the most growth potential, and its sales volume has increased by nearly 1.5 times year-on-year. Its user group also shows interesting characteristics in terms of gender and region. Data from shows that the cities that buy the most swimming equipment are from Guangdong, and women s purchasing power has surpassed that of men this year, jumping from 42.19% of the data last year to 63.72 this year.%.

With the rise of short videos and other trends, travel selfies have increasingly become a must-have in travel bags. data shows that in the first half of this year, the overall sales of selfie sticks, beauty supplement light lamps, and beauty lenses continued to rise, up 26.68% compared with the same period of the first half of last year. In June this year, stimulated by summer tourism, sales of related products increased month-on-month. 36.89%, of which the beauty supplement light lamp has a sudden rise, with a year-on-year increase of up to 282.6%.

Among them, female consumption has become the backbone. According to data, in the first half of this year, among the consumption of selfie beauty related products, female consumption accounted for 87.15%, and male consumption accounted for only 12.85%, a difference of nearly 7 times.

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