Brazil: Dance with Hot Samba

Brazilian dance: There are many nations who can sing and dance in the world, but Brazil can be the first to truly incorporate the passion of dance into the bone marrow and become a symbol of national character. Passionate samba is a specialty of Brazil. Brazilians love samba beyond imagination. Samba appeared in the mixed population of the Rio de Janeiro Gulf region in Brazil at the beginning of the last century. It maintains a very pure African dance color, and so far the performers are mostly black and black and white mulatto .

The sun, the beach, and the tropical jungle of the Amazon constitute a land that breeds a passionate people. The samba is not pursuing the rules and complicated and complicated dance postures, but the pursuit of casual behavior. The pursuit is a feeling of passion . Following the beat of the music, even if no one is teaching movement, you will be infected by this overflowing enthusiasm and dance freely and easily.

Dancing and watching the scenery: Those who play may not have food tomorrow, but they are still entertaining today. This Brazilian optimism is vividly demonstrated through samba.

Samba is the Brazilian national dance, with a very fast rhythm, up to 200 beats per minute. On the simple stage by the Amazon, Brazilian girls dressed in three-point style twisted their bodies enthusiastically, and sweat ran down the brown-black body , as if they didn t know what was tired. The Brazilians on the stage are also engaged, following the rhythm twisting frantically. People are crowded together, and they seem to be warmer than the weather. Tired of jumping, ran to the river to take a bath, and then came back to jump.

The appeal of samba dance can make you feel that dance is the best form of human life. If you choose to come to Brazil in mid-late February, you can maximize the joy of this dance. The Brazilian Carnival is held during this period . Gorgeous costumes, powerful music, hot samba, beautiful scenery and a variety of Brazilian beauty.

At the Carnival, people regardless of gender, age, color, or nobility, enjoyed this jubilant event hand in hand, side by side. The spit-fired Latina wore a bikini or upper body, and enthusiastically sang with male dancers, bringing the whole atmosphere to the highest point, so that tourists could not help but join the carnival crowd.

Earliest Rio de Janeiro Carnival did not have a fixed place at first, the main streets of the city are all samba performances. Every year at the carnival, the city s top samba school is going to dominate it, and it is no less exciting than the Brazilian football game. Of course, if you did not meet the carnival when you arrived in Brazil, you can also enjoy the hot Brazilian dance and wild Brazilian music in the major bars.

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