Brainstorming in Zengcheng, Guangzhou

Owning nature s axe and magic, but raised in the mountains . Sau Nao Baijiang Lake Forest Park in Zengcheng is expected to become a new place for citizens to travel during the year. Baijianghu Forest Park is probably the most suitable location for tracing in Guangzhou.

Cangnao Baijianghu Forest Park was assessed as a municipal forest park in 2001, and has been mainly protected for the past two years, so it has not been developed. The combing mountain in the garden is named because it is shaped like a bow and looks like an ancient bun in the back of the head. The park is 25 kilometers from Zengcheng District and 75 kilometers from Guangzhou s urban area. It is the only road from Guangzhou to Longmen. The area of ​​the park s forest land is about 733.3 hectares. It is determined that the air anion content in most of the Baijiang Lake Forest Park s measuring points is above 1000 per cubic centimeter. The air quality is Grade A, which is the cleanest air.

The most beautiful in the park is the water feature. Climbing up the forest path, the scenery is lingering. When walking to the mountainside, a boulder emerged from the stream and was named Test Sword. From the test sword stone wading up, the waterfall with the largest drop in the park- Baizhang Feiquan like a silver dragon flying down. The waterfall has a drop of 33 meters. As the sightseeing roads on both sides of the stream have not yet been completed, if visitors cross the river by touching the stones from the test sword stone, they have a special interest.

The most amazing thing is the natural bathtub in the park. Upstream of the Baizhang Feiquan, more than 10 small circular ponds, large and small, have been formed due to the erosion of the water throughout the year. The depth of the water is only 2 meters, and the maximum radius is about 2 meters. Visitors can enjoy the natural water massage brought by the rushing mountain springs and enjoy the majestic scenery surrounded by mountains. Such a concentrated group of natural bathtubs is rare in Guangzhou.

It is hardly known that Baijianghu Forest Park is also a large oxygen reservoir in Guangzhou! As the dominant wind direction in Guangzhou is southeast wind, the fresh air rich in oxygen in the forest park is brought into the urban area by the east wind , which can improve the air pollution in the downtown area. At the same time, the downtown area of ​​Guangzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Dongjiang water system, and the function of conserving water and purifying the water in the forest park has a positive effect on improving the water shortage in the downtown area.

Day 1: Depart from Guangzhou at 8:00 am and arrive at around 9:30. After walking on a muddy mountain road, you can run along the stream. Arrive near the test sword stone (Baizhang Feiquan) in the middle of the mountain at noon, take a break to eat, swim, and bring your own lunch.

Personal equipment: small backpack, stream shoes, beach shoes, military rubber or non-slip shoes, swimming supplies, rainproof sunscreen and mosquito-resistant supplies, personal medicine, replacement clothing. (At least one set, friends who are not swimming should also be prepared to soak their bodies, it is recommended to wear knee pads, swimming with swimming goggles) Please do waterproof treatment for valuables.

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