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Baoyun Tower, formerly known as Optimus Tower, is located in the east of Jiucheng Village, southwest of Hengshui City. The tower was originally located in Baoyun Temple, so it is called Baoyun Tower. In the thirteenth year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty ( 1415), due to the flooding of the county seat, the county seat was relocated from the old city village to the present site, and Baoyun Temple was also moved along with the town. However, although the temple has moved, the tower has not moved, and it has been standing on the same site. The tower is towering and spectacular under the green trees.

The Baoyun Tower is a brick-wood structure with a height of 35 meters and a base circumference of 25.6 meters. On the south side of the first floor, there is an arch-ticket buddha, where a stone-carved lotus Buddha was originally located in the temple. At the top of the tower is a gourd-shaped tower brake. Different from Jingxian Sheli Tower, the architectural style of each layer of the tower is different, either as a doudou arch, or a plum blossom doudou. The whole tower is a nine-story, eight-sided pyramid with a grandeur and simplicity, which reflects the architectural talents of the working people. The first floor of the tower has double-storey tower eaves, and there are coupon doors on the south and north sides. There are coupon gates on the east and west sides of the second floor, and a coupon gate on the third and fourth floors, respectively. On the fourth floor and above, there are one gate on each side. From the bottom floor to the seventh floor, there are brick steps spiralin g upwards in the tower, but the bottom of the tower is through-hearted, and it is upstairs in the tower, and it can reach the second, third, and fourth floors. Each upper floor must be along the outer edge of the tower . After turning the tower eaves half a circle, enter the tower through another coupon door. If you want to go to the next level, you still need to go out of the gate from the ticket gate, turn into the tower half a circle, and enter the tower … In this form, I dont know the design principle for climbing the tower, but I m quite immersive. Thrilling. Outside the tower, there are dozens of miles in the circle, although you can see it all, you can see the whole view, but when you stick to the tower, although the eaves of the tower are also more than two feet wide, you are still uneasy in your heart. Take a sigh of relief, thank you for landing safely. However, a sense of pride will emerge. Above the fifth floor of the tower, it is an empty tube type, which can be st epped up inside the tower without stepping out of the tower. Regarding which dynasty the Baoyun Tower was built in, the history books contain various stories. Some say that it was built in the Sui Dynasty, and some said that it was built in the Tang Dynasty. It has not been determined for many years.

On May 30, 1980, Professor Zhang Yuhuan and others from the Institute of History of Natural Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a field trip to Baoyun Tower. Looking at the construction forms such as coupon doors, they really belong to the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, and the seats, eaves, and carved window sills of three or more floors are obvious architectural features of the Song Dynasty. Therefore, it was identified as being built in the early Northern Song Dynasty.

Qibaoyun Temple is located in the southwest of Hengshui City. The stele records were built in the Sui Dynasty. In fact, as early as the Northern and Southern Dynasties, there were temples here. According to legend, at its heyday, the temple area occupies 30 acres, and there are nearly a hundred of them in the temple.

There is a tower in Baoyun Temple with a height of 36.5 meters. The tower is an octagonal pyramid-shaped brick and wood structure. There are doors from four or more floors. The architectural styles of each layer of the tower are different., Magnificent . It takes a certain amount of courage to reach the top of the tower, because every floor you have to go around the tower half a circle to find the entrance on the other side.

It is not a pleasure to visit the Temple of Erlai and feel the victory of the millennium to feel the vicissitudes of history. Millennium immortalis belongs to the Orchidaceae, also known as sassafras, and is a perennial herb. The plant in the temple was planted by Tang Zhi, a great poet. In the second year of Tang Kaiyuan, the 26-year-old Wang Zhizheng was highly appreciated by the prime minister, Zhang Jiuling, and was recommended to be the master book in Hengshui County at the time. Before parting, seeing that there was Dunma grass in front of Xiangye s house, and touching the scene, he said to Xiangye: This grass is not greedy for fat, and it is green for a thousand years. Since the wise master trusts me, the students must be like this stubborn horseweed. In the career of serving the country and the people, they are not afraid of wind and frost, and they always maintain the literati s righteousness of justice. And they got a few plants planted in Hengshui, leaving an eternal sto ry.

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