Bowangpo ruins [Henan Nanyang]

It is located 30 kilometers southwest of Fangcheng County. It bears Funiu Mountain in the north, Hidden Mountain in the south, and Baihe River in the west. It is a diffuse post extending from Funiu Mountain. The terrain is dangerous and it is a thoroughfare for the ancient Xianghan Pass. Land of contention. It has been Hou Guo, County, Shop, Post and Town. In the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Di, a diplomat and an explorer, made two trips to the Western Regions. He was outstanding and was named Bo Wanghou by Han Wudi in the sixth year of Yuanshuo (123 years ago). meaning. The name Bowang derives from this. According to legend, this place was the ancient battlefield of Zhuwang Liang when the Three Kingdoms burned and burned Bowangpo.

According to legend, this place was the ancient battlefield of Zhuwang Liang in the Three Kingdoms and burned the Bowangpo ancient battlefield. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms praised that: Bo Wangshang stubbornly used fire to attack, and when commanding Ruyi laughed, Cao Gong s courage must be smashed, and his first achievements came out. Chen Shou s Three Kingdoms and Shu Shu contains: Cao Gong broke the shao, hit the leader from the south, the first host sent Mi Zhu, Sun Qian and Liu Biao to hear each other, the table welcomed from the suburbs, the guests treated them, benefited their soldiers … Rejecting Xia Houxiang and Yuban is equal to hope. For a long time, the main ambush was set up by the master , and once it was burned, it was destroyed by the ambush. Here, unearthed halberds and ashes of burnt grains in the soil layer have been unearthed, and they have been verified as relics of the Three Kingdoms.

A thorn tree, 5.9 meters high, 2.2 meters thick, with circling branches and bare wood, still remains in the ancient battlefield ruins of the Bobowang ancient battlefield. According to legend, it was the only surviving testimony when the Bowangpo was burned. Other relics include the observation platform of Liu Bei, the tower built by Xiahou Xiangxun, the Meilinpu where Cao Cao Wangmei stopped his thirst, and the three-hole arch bridge-Jingde Bridge built by the superintendent of the Tang Dynasty General Chi Jingde. Bowangpo was identified by the state as one of the three tourist attractions, and it is a county-level key cultural relics protection unit.

Sea of ​​Ci contains: the name of Bowanggu County, located in the Western Han Dynasty. For Zhang Jian s Fenghou. According to legend, that year was very prosperous, with 45 miles of Bowangtun under its jurisdiction. The old city ​​is 1,300 meters long from east to west and 400 meters wide from north to south. The city wall has been eroded by wind and rain, and it has long been left. The underground cultural layer in the city is 1-7 meters thick, and a large number of Han bricks, tube tiles, iron wares have been unearthed.

In 1992, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage invited experts and scholars to discuss the experience of Zhang Jian s two missions to the Western Regions. He proposed to include Bowang as a state-level cultural relics protection unit and allocate special funds to repair an ancient bridge in the old city. The bridge is inlaid with 36 imitation Han stone carvings carved from Pushan Qinggu: a picture of Zhang Ye s life. On the west side of the bridge, Han Bo is waiting for the Zhangye Fengyi stele. It is a provincial cultural relics protection unit.

When the Three Kingdoms came out, Zhuge Liang came out of the cottage, leaving behind the story of Expecting fire with fire, directing Ruyi to laugh and laugh. It was necessary to break Cao Gong s courage and make his first achievement in the cottage . This fire burned Bowang in the first battle, killing countless casualties of Cao Jun, dead bodies across the wild, Cao Xia Houchun, Yu Jun, Li Diancang fled. The Shu Army won the Bowang City, leaving the Five Tigers General Guan Yu to lead the garrison. That year, it was a drought, long drought and no rain, the ancient wells in the city were dry, the water source was cut off, and there was not much water left for cooking. Seeing the soldiers hungering and thirsty, the army s heart floated, Guan Yu was so anxious that he quickly repaired a book, sent someone to Xinye overnight, and asked Zhuge Liang to order his withdrawal.

After receiving the urgent documents, Zhuge Liang thought: Bo Wang is a military place, how can he easily withdraw his army and abandon the city? After thinking hard all night, he returned a book and sent him to fly to the city of Bowang.

Guan Yu opened it for a look, and the original military division told him in the letter: Use dry noodles, soak in less water, and hard pieces, cook in a pot, eat as food, be a soldier, and stabilize the army . This is a water-saving food production method. Guan Yu admired secretly in his heart. He could not imagine that the military division was not only good at using soldiers, but even knew how to make bread. It was a strange man!

As a result, Guan Yu, according to the military division, sent someone to make quiche. This cake is as big as a shield and thick as a wine bottle. It is crispy and delicious to eat, and easy to make. The soldiers finally relied on it to survive the difficult times and hold fast to Bowang City.

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