Boundary Island Tour, Tickets and Scenic Spots

The first tunnel encountered on the way from Haikou to Sanya was the Niuling Tunnel. Everyone approaching the tunnel will be attracted by the charming scenery of the sea outside the window. Niuling is a peculiar mountain in Hainan. It is the dividing line between Wanning and Lingshui County. It is also a tropical and subtropical dividing line. The Niuling Tunnel is tropical in the south and subtropical in the north. Sometimes the light rain accompanied Haikou on the way to Sanya, but it was clear after passing Niuling.

I parked beside Niuling. What caught my eye was an island floating in the sea breeze. This is the boundary of the South China Sea. Boundary islands are under development, and before they are fully developed, let s enjoy the natural simplicity of this place!

Boundary Island (also known as Survival Island), shaped like a saddle from a distance, the highest point is 99 meters above sea level. Seen from the sea as a beauty lying on the sea, local fishermen call it Beauty Island or Guanyin Island . The speedboat sent us to the divided island. The sea on the island is very clear, and there are many crabs living on the rocks on the shore. The coconut palms on the island are lush, the green trees are green, the grass is overgrown, and the mountains are full of red flowers. At first, we thought it was Kapok, but we didn t know it was Erythrina flower. The ancient parrot cried coconut knots, and the verses of the Kapok blossoming Erythrina said this kind of flower. The deliberate blooming of flowers, such as the burning flame, is so red that it is stunning and makes one not to admire the magic of nature.

To the right of Yingshang Island, there is a large U-shaped beach. The sand is soft and white. There are many coral fragments and large and small shells on the beach. We found two large shells on the beach. There are many beautiful fishes swimming in the shallow sea. According to occasional adventure club members, this area is full of corals, shells and seaweed. The wind and waves here are small, suitable for snorkeling, and a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The natural environment and marine resources of Boundary Island are comparable to Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya and Tongguling in Wenchang.

Twenty A 20-minute walk along the path between the mountains will reach the top of the mountain. Will be the best Ling Ling, a glimpse of the mountains. Mountaineering has its own landscape, next to it is the tropical wild plants that are not famous, and in front of it is the vast sea and a few fishing sails. The island is surrounded by seawater. Looking down at the steep peaks and grotesque rocks, it is an excellent place to watch sunrise and sunset at sea. The sky is blue, the sea is blue, the sand is like silver, and the beautiful natural scenery is reluctant to leave. When you come to Boundary Island, maybe your heart is blooming.

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