Boao Tourist Scenic Area [Hainqionghai]

Boao Port, with its vast territory and dangerous terrain, is the three rivers where Wanquan, Longgun, and Jiuqu come together, and then flows into the sea. The mouth of Wanquan River has two islands, Dongyu Island and Xiong River. There are islands in the water of Boao Port, and there are waves in the island, and the scenery is beautiful. Here, the beach is broad and flat, soft and white; the sea water is blue, and the port gate rocks are standing; the coast is surrounded by green forests, the coconut trees are empty, and the smoke is soaring. Overlooking this gulf beach that stretches for more than 10 miles, it is tantamount to a colorful ribbon woven by the heavens. Many Chinese and foreign tourism experts believe that this is the most perfect place to maintain the natural landscape of river estuaries in the world.

Boao Zen Temple is currently the largest Buddhist temple in Hainan. The Wanfo Avalokitesvara is a landmark building in Boao. Standing on the tower, Boao has a beautiful view. The tower houses the nation s largest bronze temple. The Thousand-Eyes Guanyin Buddha statue is very worth seeing, and you can also see the Shakyamuni Buddha sent to Boao by the King of Nepal. If you are lucky, you may get a Buddhist abbot in the Buddhist temple-Executive Vice-President of the Chinese Buddhist Association Chang Shenghui , the monk s point, but this opportunity depends on whether you have Buddha fate .

The most worthy stopover in the theme park is the Lotus Pavilion. This is the only Lotus Pavilion in the country. Whether it is architecture, design, or content, you need to take time to taste it.

You can take the Haikou to Qionghai CMB, there are many shifts, every day from 8am to 21:00, every hour, take the Eastern Expressway, about an hour, the scenery along the way is also good. After arriving in Qionghai, there are CMB, tricycles and motorcycles in Boao without leaving the bus station.

I have been in Qionghai for nearly ten days. If I go to Boao, I only need to calculate it according to the number of heads. The driver will arrange a carpool. The chartered car will cost 20 or 25 yuan for a total of 19 kilometers. The bus is even more common, 2 yuan for 5; but I haven t taken a bus, I usually start at 3 yuan in the urban area, and 2 yuan at the start of a motorcycle.

There are different grades of hotels from one star to five stars in Boao, such as the Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel, which has hosted the leaders of the countries of the Asian Forum Annual Conference. The hardware and software are all in place.

You can eat very good seafood in the hotel in Boao. The chefs skills make the fresh ingredients more delicious and the price is a bit expensive, but the beautiful beach scenery, elegant dining environment, and thoughtful personality service are really a bit of something Value for money. In addition, Boao Plaza has a lot of humble seafood stalls, and the sanitation situation is not optimistic. There are also many good restaurants in Boao Town and Chaoyang Town.

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