Black Rock Reef Tour Introduction

The coastline of Heishijiao Scenic Area is tortuous and variable. The black karst landscape, which was formed about 1 billion years ago, is spread all over the headland. The black reefs are hidden or looming on the water surface at high tide, mysterious and unpredictable , and stand on the beach at low tide, which is spectacular. People either swim here, go boating in the reef forest on the sea, or squat on the rocky reef for fishing.

The black rocky reef has an area of ​​three square kilometers. The ebb tide rock reveals a dark rock body, layer upon layer like solidified waves, and the stone peaks are in various forms. According to investigations, the black market reef was formed 1.7 billion to 600 million years ago, which was the result of chemical cooperation caused by the erosion of quiet gray-black limestone by the waves and surface water. Black Rock Reef was formed about 1 billion years ago and is a well-known karst landscape spreading throughout Cape Bay. At high tide, it is looming and mysterious. At low tide, it stands magnificently on the beach.

The Dalian Museum of Nature is built on the Black Rocky Reef Waterfront, adjacent to Xinghai Park, one basement level and three floors above the ground. It is the largest natural museum in China and the most advanced means of display. One. Many of the specimens displayed are unique in China, such as black right whale and sperm whale. There are verdant meadows, blue seas and dark reefs. They are integrated with the beautiful museum buildings, so that people can fully feel the theme of nature. Tickets: 30 yuan for adults and 10 yuan for students. Opening hours: 9: 00-16: 00

Bus route: Light rail tram, buses 23, 28, 406, and 801 can be reached, and you can get to the vicinity of Black Rock Reef. Play time: 1 hour

I recommend you two restaurants: Yahui Fast Food Heishijiao, just to the west of the bus station and KFC next door. The nearby Lee Kee Hung Lamb Restaurant is also very good.

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