Bizhou Park Tourism

Bizhou Park is on a gulf on the Lianshui River on the east side of Xiangxiang City. The gulf is 760 meters in length and 200 meters in width. The continent is surrounded by vegetation. The flat boat crosses, full of flowery willows, the beauty of mountains and water, and the old continent is also called Bizhou, crossing the Fangdu. Features: Guzhou is 760 meters in length and 200 meters in width. The continent is overgrown with vegetation.

Food: Spicy chicken is one of the authentic Hunan dishes with a strong local flavor. Spicy chickens are taken with about half a kilogram of current year-old hens. Remove the internal organs, cut off the head and claws, remove the bones, cut into cubes, and fry them in a pan first. Then add pepper, peppercorns, Shaojiu, yellow vinegar and other stir-fry. The dish has a golden color, tender skin and caramel, spicy taste, and oily freshness.

Shopping: When you arrive in Xiangtan and don t buy Dragon Brand Soy Sauce, you are not going. This is not nonsense. Xiangtan Long Brand Soy Sauce has the unique advantages of bright color, rich sauce flavor, delicious taste, salty sweetness and long-term storage, no turbid sediment and mildew floating film and other unique advantages. It also contains more than 260 aroma components and essential for the human body. Amino acids are the best nutritional products.

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