Bitahai Nature Reserve

The Bitahai Nature Reserve is 32 kilometers from Shangri-La County, with an altitude of about 3539 meters. The surface of the lake is about 3,000 meters long from east to west, and the average width from north to south is 700 meters. The lake is a fault structure lake in terms of geological principles. The protected plants here are mainly robe firs and spruces, with an accumulation of more than 2.3 million cubic meters.

Because there is no pollution, the fish resources in Bitahai are relatively complete. One of them has three lips! This is the Bita lipfish named by Chinese biologists. It is a species left over from the Quaternary Glacier period and has a history of 2.5 million years. From June to July of each year, you can also see a unique landscape of the cuckoo drunk fish. This is because the rhododendron leaves contain slightly poisonous. After falling on the water, they are swallowed by swimming fish, making the fish as drunk. It generally floats on the water.

Another biological wonder of the Liao Bita Sea is a row of 50 cm thick grass rows floating on the lake. There are many plants growing on the grass rows, forming a flowing aquatic plant world.

To Bitahai, you can rent a car at the hotel where you live, or you can buy tickets at the Shangri-La County Bus Station. The fare is about 20 yuan. However, since the road is only 25 kilometers in length, the remaining 7 kilometers must be horse-riding or walking, and the rent for each horse is about 20 yuan. There are rows of grass growing up to 50 cm thick on the lake, and many plants grow on the grass, forming a flowing aquatic plant world .

People usually choose to visit Bitahai in spring and summer. At this time, the temperature is moderate, the meadows are full of flowers, and the scenery is charming. And about 20 days after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the plateau was full of autumn , which was also the most wonderful moment.

There is no direct train from Shangri-La County to Bitahai. If you want to go directly to the entrance of the scenic area, you can only charter a car. If the charter car is from Zhongdian to Bitahai, it costs about 70 yuan . Or take the shuttle bus to Shuangqiao. The one-way trip is about 25 kilometers and the one-way fare is about 20 yuan. After buying a ticket at the entrance of the scenic spot, you can take a battery car to the lakeside , and the fare is 30 yuan.

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