Bipengou-Changpinggou hiking crossing

West Sichuan is the place with the highest frequency of beauty pageants in China. Glaciers, canyons, snow-capped mountains, forests, grasslands, and Tibetan villages are all beautiful places that make people yearn for, see and see, and go again and again. Travel west of Sichuan, choose the most beautiful targets to enjoy walking, letting go, and enjoy the addiction of walking through the mystery

The Lubi Penggou original ecological scenic area is located in Putosuoluogou, Li County, 221 kilometers from Chengdu and 20 kilometers from the county seat. The scenic area is about 45 kilometers long, 4 kilometers wide, and 180 square kilometers. The altitude is 2400- 4500 meters. The south of the ditch is connected to the Changpinggou of Siguniangshan, and the northeast is close to the famous Gulgou Lingquan holy water. This is a well-known Liaobu tourism sacred place in China. The original ecological scenery of Bipengou is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, perfect natural ecological landscape, and excellent ecological environment. Snow mountains, ancient glaciers, lakes, springs, waterfalls, pristine forests, strange peaks, red leaves, and swamps constitute the eight musts of the primitive world in Bipengou. There are many types of red leaves and rhododendrons in the territory, glaciers are vertical and horizontal, waterfalls are flying, and the mountains are steep. The v egetation here is dense and there are many biological species. In 1998, it was included in the China Biosphere Reserve Network. Because you can fully experience the beauty of Siguniang Mountain and the beautiful natural scenery in the ditch, this well-known domestic and foreign hiking tour route will attract countless hiking tourists every year. It usually takes 3-4 days to complete a complete crossing.

Tongchangping Gully is 29 kilometers long and covers an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers. The gorge is long and gentle, and Siguniang Mountain is located 16 kilometers inside the ditch. In the scenic area, there are Gubai Youdao, temples, Ganhaizi and waterfalls that are dozens of meters high, and there are strange stones. In spring, mountain flowers and rape blossoms bloom together; in autumn, red birch and red maple compete. After vicissitudes of cypress and cypress pines, waterfalls and flowing springs roared in the dense forest, and ancient post roads stretched through the vast forest.

Stay at Chengdu Donkey Friends Youth Hostel, 30 yuan / person, go to Chadianzi Bus Station to buy a ticket to Li County, it is expected to be 55 yuan / person, you can visit Chengdu in the afternoon, taste the leisure life of leisure capital, taste snacks and visit Chunxi Road, Paolongmenzhen or rest at the hostel. The meal is expected to be 50 yuan on that day, and then buy two and a half days of food.

Luchadianzi Bus Station leaves Li County every day at 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, and 10:00, and the fare is 50. Travel time is about 4 hours. 028-87506610

Depart Chengdu by bus at 7:30 in the morning, go to Lixian for lunch at noon, then chartered to Bi Peng Gou, and meet with the guide to go through the Shanghai sub-reception station to the platform at the Qiaokou under the mountain (C2 camp), HB3700, about 8 kilometers on foot It takes about 3 hours to pass the Bailong Waterfall. Camping.

Chengdu to Lixian 55 yuan, Lixian chartered to the end of Bi Penggou Road 200 yuan, 40 per person, tickets 60 yuan. 50 yuan for two and a half days. Guide Zhang Chenglu: 0837-6821332. You can contact Bread to pick up in Chengdu, from Chengdu to Lixian 400 yuan, Chengdu to Shanghai Sub-Reception Station 600 yuan. The guide fee is 900 yuan (200 yuan per day, plus one day return and 100 fare) per person.

In the morning, I started hiking after breakfast at the camp. This trip was the longest day. I got up at 6 in the morning and started at 7:30. The journey was 9 kilometers and the altitude rose 1,000 meters continuously. After trekking for nearly 8 hours, I reached the summit and then descended for half an hour Arrive at the lower platform of Changpinggou, and then descend for 2 hours to reach the forklift camp. It is 8 kilometers from the entrance to the uphill of Changpinggou and 2 kilometers from the uphill to the end of the fork groove. During May Day, there was snow in the mountainside of Bipenggou, and the trip was difficult.

20 kilometers road from Yingjiagouwei to Muzizi, which is a marsh wetland, travels for 6 hours. The journey from Muzizi to Dead Tree Beach is 8 kilometers, about 2.5 hours. It is a wooden path from Dead Tree Beach to the temple, which can be walked for 1 hour. Finish.

This road is not difficult, it has been a gentle downhill. But 5.1 Changpinggou has more people, more horses, more feet, and snow is beginning to melt, and the road is quite muddy. There are many forks in the forest path, please follow the guide or the leader as a whole, do not fall behind! You can pack horses out of the ditch at the tail of the fork ditch, or rent a temple or take a tour bus to Rilong Town for 20 yuan per person. There is no need to buy additional tickets to go out of the ditch. Staying at Riyongsan s house, it is 30 yuan per person, and FB is closed that night, 20 yuan per person.

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