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Bingyu Provincial Tourism Resort is located 40 kilometers north of Zhuanghe City, Dalian, at the southern end of Qianshan Mountain. The area covers an area of ​​130 square kilometers. The three mountains of Longhua Mountain, Furong Mountain, and Yunque Mountain stand tall . There are hundreds of animals and thousands of plants, which can be called a natural animal and botanical garden. Surrounded by two rivers, the Inner River and the Xiaoying River under the mountain, the river water is composed of numerous mountain springs. The water quality is sweet and refreshing, and contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. In the area, there are strange peaks, deep valleys, clear streams and lush forests. The scenery is not Guilin better than Guilin. It is the best summer resort in the north.

In the late 1980s, the government carried out tourism development on this 170-square-kilometer area. Formed a Moraine tourist resort. The charm of the moraine has not diminished over the years, and the temperature of the moraine is particularly cool in summer, which is an ideal summer shelter. Autumn is the most beautiful season for the icebergs. The mountains with colorful leaves are colorful and colorful. The most spectacular season of the moraine is winter. The stone forest is as white as jade, and the odd peaks are as dazzling as crystals.

Bing Bingyu was named as Little Guilin in South Liaoning, Jiuzhaigou in Northeast China and Little Switzerland in the East. The mountains of Bingyu not only have the rough and magnificent momentum of the northern mountains, but also the exquisite beauty of the southern country. The most famous of them is the fairy cave on the mountainside of Longhua Mountain. There are two temples and temples in the cave, which are named after cigarettes.

The water in Bingbing means that it flows through two rivers in the scenic area: Yingna River and Xiaoying River, a tributary of Yingna River. The Inner River, like a white ribbon, circled along the moraine. Xiaoyao River is like a wire, entwined with lonely mountain forests. Due to hundreds of millions of years of erosion, the moraine river channels are as clean as new, and white and soft sandy beaches have been formed, with various forms of pebbles all over the river valley. The bottom of the moraine is mostly a rock formation structure, the clear water is as clear as a mirror, and the fish and fine stones are clear.

Bing 峪 is not beautiful without mountains, not beautiful without water. The forest coverage in the scenic area accounts for more than 90%. It is a national nature reserve and a national forest park. The virgin forest is all over the mountains, covering the sky and the sun. It is a large natural botanical garden. There are forests and animals, and there are more than 200 vertebrates. Common mule, mule, wild deer, fox, mountain hare, squirrel and so on. Tourists can even see their flexible figure crossing the forest. Of course, it is absolutely prohibited here, but you can catch river crabs by fishing.

Yunshuidu is a lake formed by the slow convergence of the Yingna River. Due to the offshore area of ​​the southeast of the moraine, the mist formed by the seawater often floods into the valley mouth, which makes the cloud cover here. A beautiful big lake is formed here, and Yunshuidu means to take Yunshui together.

Jinyun Shuidu is the essence of Bingyugou Scenic Area. The cliffs on both sides of the bank are beautiful, and there are strange peaks and rocks. There is a stone pillar, 40 meters high, called the main stream pillar. The water area around it is called Longmen Lake. Because there are many carps in the lake, it means the carp jumps over the dragon gate.

Huanle Youyuan is a place where the landforms of Bingyu Stone Forest are relatively concentrated. The lonely peak here is quite a bit of Guilin. Some people call it a natural large bonsai garden because there are many wonderful sights such as elephants absorbing water, golden carvings, pigs, turtles and turtles.

Jinyun Pangu The water surface is calm, but it is unfathomable. Whenever the drizzle rains and the cloud covers the mist, the water is always misty and refuses to disperse for a long time.

The “Shuanglong Dam” in the second phase of Bingyu is 192 meters long and 15 meters high, forming a water surface of “Inna Lake” with a length of about five kilometers. The water surface can extend to the north gate of Pingyu (Red House), forming “Gaoxia Chuping Lake”. The landscape here has both the characteristics of the clear water show of Guilin Mountains and the majestic and magnificent appearance of the Three Gorges. There are many peaks on the west bank of the area, and the scenery can be explored by boat to enjoy the newly developed attractions. The lake surface is formed in front of the dam, and water recreational projects such as tourism, boating, and fishing can be carried out. In winter, skating and skiing can be established . A waterfall is formed behind the dam. Visitors can enjoy the waterfall and mountain scenery in the profile, and feel like entering the water curtain cave. At the same time, there is a mountain-walking trail from Tianbi Peak to Xiaoying Ri ver, which connects Yingna River and Xiaoying River.

Xubingyu Scenic Spot is located in the north of Xianrendong Town, more than 40 kilometers north of Zhuanghe City, Dalian. The scenery here is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. It has both the peculiarity of Yunnan Shilin and the clear scenery of Guilin. It Combine mountains, water, forests, streams, and springs into one scenery, combining strangeness, danger, majesty, show, and wildness. The tall and straight cymbals contain elegant appearance, the rugged majesty contains femininity, the thick and heavy ink reveals the elegance , and the fresh and magnificent looks solemn. The scenery is different all year round: the mountains are full of flowers in spring, the streams are gushing in summer, the maple leaves are painted in autumn, and the snowy glaciers are in winter.

The Bingyu Scenic Area is composed of Longhua Mountain, Xiaojing River Valley, and Yingna River Valley. The central scenic area is 47 square kilometers and the protection zone is 64 square kilometers. The planned total area is more than 100 square kilometers. There are more than 30 scenic spots in the scenic area and hundreds of landscapes. It is a provincial-level scenic spot.

Mount Longhua, also known as Tiantai Mountain, was called Xiaohua Mountain in the ancient times. It is located in the southern part of the scenic spot and is 561.2 meters above sea level. The mountains are steep, the peaks and valleys are stacked, the green trees and vines are covered, and the network is dangled, and the ancient pines are strange. In front of the Longhua Mountain Tiantai Peak, there is a large hole between the cliffs halfway up the mountain. It is said that the stone wall of the mouth of the cave was engraved with the three characters Zangjun Cave.. So the name. In the early Ming Dynasty, the monk Hongzhen came here and changed the Tibet Jun Cave to Pranjo Cave . Because Hongzhen practiced here as a fairy, the locals renamed Prajna Cave as a fairy cave. The cave has an upper mouth and a lower mouth, and there are two eyes of Longquan at the lower mouth. It is not dry all the year round. There is a ginkgo tree more than 400 years old by the spring.

The ground at the entrance of Yingshang Cave is relatively wide, about 25 meters long from east to west, about 25 meters wide from north to south, and about 20 meters high. In the 20th year of the Yuan Dynasty (1397 AD), Hongzhen built a temple in the entrance to the Prajna Cave with money accumulated over many years.

There are three large Buddha halls, with Sakyamuni Buddha in the middle, Treasure King Buddha in the east, and Maitreya Buddha in the west. On both sides are eighteen arhats. Three East Chambers are Zen halls. A bell tower was built in Mendong, and a Wanghai tower was built on the west platform. This is a place where Hongzhen misses Master. A few steps from the top of the upper cave door are cliffs. To prevent accidents, a stone wall was built. Because the temple was built in the entrance to the fairy cave, the locals also called it the fairy cave temple. Unfortunately, during the period, the cultural monuments in the temple were severely damaged. The Immortal Cave Temple, formerly known as Holy Water Temple, was built in the 32nd year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. Ten. In 1985, the Fairy Cave was renovated.

From the immortal cave to the east, ascending tens of meters, it is the sky above the sky of the Tiantai Peak. Standing on the top of the mountain, looking far into the distance, you can see the distant peaks near the mountains and the shallows. At sunrise, I saw water snorkeling, transpiration and swirling, and the isolated island reefs at the peaks floated in the clouds and snow waves. At sunset, the clouds are steaming, the mountains are shining, the gold is shining, and the people are enchanting.

I walked down the Tiantai Peak and crossed the deserted terraces-the grain field of the Immortal Cave Monk Road that year, and entered the winding canyon that intersects the east and the south. Steep cliffs look like magical chisels, with different postures, like Danqing paintings. Most of the wonders of Xianrendong are gathered here. The image of the Tiger Tiger Listening to the Sutra is realistic; the tower stone lion is tall and majestic; the Longquan Waterfall is cleaned from the heart; the stone forest is exquisite and clear. There is a stone wall sloping on the surface of the water, like a lone sail advancing against the current; there is a strange stone like a scholar who holds a book to read the list, and does not speak; some ancient generals, such as helmets and armors, are directing soldiers to climb the mountain and attack. As for some, they look like oxen rushing to catch elephants, others rush out of the air, some like tigers passing by posts, and strange stones li ke eagles, apes, and camels that look like birds and beasts. Walking along the valley, watching and walking, suddenly a steep stone wall blocked the cloud road, but passed along the current, the front was suddenly wide, and another wonderful peak was presented in front of my eyes., Liu An Hua Ming and another village.

Xiaojing River Valley is located in the north of Longhua Mountain. The river valley is long and narrow, and the river is soft and calm and rapid; the cliffs on both sides of the river are beautiful, the peaks are strange and the rocks are towering ; Fujige climbed up and entangled wildly. Kariya is full of attractions. Cang Tianshu is full of bright colors; the ancient style of Hongzhen Tomb is still elegant; Tiger Turns Back is condescending and aggressive; Chao Tianyu the god frog worships the nature of heaven; Don t have the sky giant owl Soul Rock The male lion looks at the sun and the moon is breathtaking; the image of Drunk Buddha is vivid and lifelike; World Special , Mother and Child Love Peak, Goddess Peak, Lingxiu Peak, Nvwa Peak, Lingyin Cave Wonderland is endless; Daguanmen has a magnificent natural shape and magnificent momentum; Qunxianju and Luohan Gathering have different expressions. The Xiaoying River Valley is famous for its small curved r ivers and gully valleys. Across the water, the odd peaks are full of the wonders of Huangshan, the road is deep, and the pines and strange stones are covered in it, like a beautiful picture. The Xiaoying River water suddenly bursts with white waves , ripples from layer to layer, and suddenly flows into the Bitan heaven and earth, and it suddenly flies through the cliffs and shores. In the Xiaoyao Valley, the ditch is connected, the ditch is strange, the stone is competing with the stone.

The Yingying River Valley is located at the northern end of the scenic spot, and it is the most majestic part of the Bingyu Scenic Area. The Inna River runs through it. The valley lingers around the loop, the endless stream of water, the crystal clear Bitan, and the flowing silver and jade. The green trees cover the cottage hut, the birds and birds sing in the mountains, the frog drums and cicadas sing, just like the wonderful landscape paintings and moving idyllic poems.

At the eastern end of Yingying River Valley, Qifeng and the clear water are picturesque, and it is called Yunshuidu. According to legend, two dragons had violated the sky. The emperor sent Yang Erlang to the mountains and pressed them here. After several expirations, the emperor ordered the giant god to open the mountains and rescue them, but punished them to wash the river here. After the success, after the flood of water poured down to the southeast, the giant spirit gods whose clouds and tides rushed to the northwest took them from here, so this place is called Yunshuidu.

From the Yunshuidu westward along the Yingna River Valley, at the confluence of the Yingna River and the Xiaoying River is the Double Dragon Club. It is said that the two dragons ascending to the sky in Yunshuidu met here, hence the name Double Dragon.

Landscape There are many legends here. Yuejiantan, Suntan Lake, Mainstream Pillars, Longmentan, Wanshouye Stone, Zhenshan Old Stone Man, Stone Stone (also known as Silver Mercury Cave), etc. posture.

Not far from the Double Dragon Club along the west of the Yingna Valley, it reached the Bingyugou known as Little Guilin in South Liaoning. According to legend, the Tang Dynasty Li Shimin passed by this place during his expedition to the east of Liaoning. It was March in the spring and the spring. The green hills outside the ditch were bright and green, and the frozen snow in the ditch drifted through the bones. Mizoguchi is narrow, one man is the one, and Wan Fu is not open. Taizong was so pleased to see this wonderful scene that he improvisedly named the place Bingyu, also known as Bingyugou. Bingyugou is the whole

In the center of the Bingyu Scenic Area, the small rivers in the nineteen and eighteen bends are clear from the water. The mountain peaks here are full of different postures. The karst landscapes here have different attitudes: some are like a dragon riding a crane , some are like tigers but not tigers. Some are like the jade girl Tengyun, and some are like the lying lion.

Continue westward along the Inner Valley, and the spectacles are overwhelming. Leyouyuan, Barrier Wall, Natural Big Bonsai, Golden Carving Stone, Pigfish Turtle, Nine Stacks of Waterfall, Iron Wall Clear Stream , Tianbi Peak , Tenglongyu , Jingxin Lake , Yunpan Valley , and Yuyu Stone are really beautiful everywhere.

The mountains in the Qiang Scenic Area belong to the thousands of mountains and veins, and the quartzite structure is a rare and preserved karst landform north of the Yellow River. After repeated inspections by geological experts, it was initially determined that the geology here was formed during the Quaternary Glacier, and many glaciers were found here.

There is abundant vegetation in the scenic area, and the forest coverage rate is over 90%. In the 1,740 hectares of native ecological forests, there are not only alpine mountain plants and warm temperate plants, but also subtropical plants. From the perspective of plant species, there are more than 150 woody plants and more than 500 herbaceous plants. There are also more than 10 subtropical plants such as the precious peperomia camphora, evergreen fir tree, Haizhou purple cedar, lantern tree, and so on. It is not only designated as a nature reserve in Liaoning Province. On July 25, 1992, Approved by the Ministry of Forestry as National Forest Park.

In July and August, I personally think that it is best to swim in the ice trench and experience the real green. There is no more enchanting color than the green here. The mountains are cool and refreshing. Don t forget to bring a piece of windbreaker clothes!

Route: Take a luxury bus from Dalian Railway Station every day from 6: 20–16: 30, every 40 minutes; or from Beigangqiao Long-distance Bus Station, every day from 4: 20–16: 20, every 10- Every 20 minutes.

After arriving at the Zhuanghe Bus Station, transfer to the ordinary CMB of Bingyugou, 6:40 to 16:40 every day, every half an hour (fare: 7.5 yuan).

Dalian Beigangqiao Coach Station, take the Dalian-Zhuanghe Line, every 6-20 minutes, every 10-20 minutes; 2 hours by car; fare: 20-25 yuan;

After arriving at Zhuanghe Bus Station, transfer to Bingyugou CMB, every half an hour from 6:40 to 16:40; fare: 7.5 yuan;

There are many farmhouses outside the east gate of Bingyugou to provide accommodation, all are licensed, and the price is cheap, 30 yuan for a room, can accommodate 3 people, and the food is good. There are star-level hotels Furama Resort in the ditch; there are also Bingyu guesthouses, the conditions are poor and the ditch is expensive, but it is convenient to play. You can also stay in Xianrendong Town, entering from the south gate, but far from the south gate, you need to take a car.

There are many farmhouses outside the Bingyu Scenic Area, where you can eat special farm meals, which are cheap and have business licenses. The vegetables are freshly picked. They are very fresh. The most famous is the Zhuanghe specialty big bone chicken, which is larger than the normal domestic chicken and has a more delicious taste. There are also fresh river prawns, shellfish, wild vegetables, mountain ruf Goats are not expensive. The more people, the better.

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