Biluo Tower Tourism

Biluo Tower (Bar) Park is located in Xiaodongshan, Beidaihe. The main building Biluo Tower is the highest point in Dongshan area. It is the world s only conch-shaped spiral sightseeing tower. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the scenery is gorgeous. Ascending the tower overlooking the sky, the endless, vast sea has a panoramic view, making people feel refreshed, watching the sunrise early and listening to the sound of the waves at night.

In 2003, the Beidaihe District Government approved the introduction of private capital, and after the renovation and expansion of Biluota Park, the park gradually formed a bar park that reflects nature and highlights unique culture.

Biluo Tower (Bar) Park, built on the only peninsula in the Xiaodongshan area, the vast sea, peculiar reefs, flat soft sandy beaches, bird-singing, green grass, towering sea, sea and sky; northeast direction It is across the sea from the old dragon head of Qinhuangdao Port and Shanhaiguan, making people feel the tranquility and prosperity of the coastal city.

There are many reefs on the shore of the Biluo Tower (bar) park, which is full of aura, and the stones are fascinating; the reefs are small and connected into a piece, rolling up and down, so that after viewing, it will be unforgettable forever.

The Biluo Tower (Bar) Park is a bar park with the theme of night culture. When night falls, in the sound of melodious music, the lights of various themes are confusing and colorful. Tower outline lights, reef lights, forest lights, lawn lights, looming bar neon lights, colorful, bright and dark, distinctive personality, complement each other.

Biluo Tower (Bar) Park is the only designated bonfire party activity base of Beidaihe District Tourism Bureau. Nine large bonfire stands are distributed around Biluo Tower in an orderly manner. The flaming bonfire transmit warmth and glowing, hot flashes, releasing With passion, show infinite charm. The Bonfire Festival is held every July to August, when large-scale cultural performances will be held.

There are many reefs around the Biluo Tower. Because it is suitable for plankton growth, various marine life resources such as fish, crab, and shellfish are extremely rich, and it is a natural treasure for fishing. A generation of great men have come here for leisure fishing. On the peninsula, there is a fishing office monument set by the city government. In order to remember a generation of great men and excavate the brand s advantages, the park established the Biluota Offshore Fishing Base in 2003 and holds the Beidaihe Offshore Fishing Festival every September to October. The park is equipped with more than 50 large and small vessels, as well as a variety of fishing gear and net gears, which can be used for shore fishing, offshore and deep sea fishing. Visitors can not only enjoy the sea scenery of the fishing boats outside Qinhuangdao, but also get an unexpected harvest, which is really cool!

come on! friends! Biluo Tower welcomes you with its unique charm. Welcome to the park to hold various themed bonfire parties, bar parties, beer salons, beach volleyball, beach football, tug of war, and various summer camp activities. It will definitely bring you a surprise and will leave you a good memory.

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