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Dalu Island is surrounded by the sea and is rich in hundreds of species of prawns, barracuda crabs, conchs, motley clams, clams, and various fish. It is famous for its freshness and is praised by gourmets. The island has Erlang stone, gaba jujube tree, dripping water. Tiger hole.

Camel Peak, Tomb of Deng Shichang, Deng Shichang Statue, Mao Wenlong Stele, Poseidon Temple, English Navigation Lighthouse, and Danish Church Ruins, and many other natural and human landscapes. Moon Bay, Shuangzhutan, surrounded by the island, is the largest natural cape in the North Cape of China. The bath is also an ideal place for tourists to pick up shells, hooks, surf, watch the sunrise in the morning, and listen to the waves in the middle of the night.

Dalu Island is located in Dagushan Town, Donggang City, Liaoning Province. It is surrounded by the sea, the West Sea area is connected with Zhuanghe and Dalian, the East Sea area is merged with Dadong Port and Dandong Yalu River, and it is interdependent with North and South Korea. Its special geographical position has always formed Dalu Island. It is a fortress on the Liaodong Peninsula at sea. The Sino-foreign Sino-Japanese War of the Yellow Sea broke out on the surface of Dalu Island. National heroes Deng Shichang and 700 warriors and Zhiyuan sacrifice and sunk respectively on the surface of Dalu Island. There are also Deng Shichang s tomb and Deng Shichang statue on the island. The Moon Bay and Shuangzhu Beach embraced in front of the island are the largest natural baths in the North Cape of China. They are also ideal places for tourists to gather shellfish, fish, surf, watch the sunrise in the morning, and listen to the sea in the middle of the night.

Located at the intersection of the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea, here is beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. There are passionate Moon Island, beaches, and hundreds of seafood and fresh treasures such as live shrimp, crab, fish, and shellfish. The Dagu Mountain in the northwest of Dalu Island is steep and steep. The mountain has stone trails, giant ginkgo biloba, and the road is shaded. There are more than a hundred temples built in the Tang Dynasty on the mountain, which is one of the more complete ancient buildings in the province.

Dalu Island is the largest island at the northern end of China s coastline, covering an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers and 9 nautical miles from the Dagushan Pier. It is shaped like a horseshoe, high in the north and low in the south. The island has a pleasant climate and trees, and it is a tourist resort. Dalu Island is dominated by fishery production, but it is no longer a traditional fishing village. It has not only built asphalt roads, but also star-rated hotels . The small houses of the fishermen are scattered on the seashore. Dalu Island is exactly like a small sea town. Due to its special geographical location, Dalu Island has always been a battleground for soldiers. During the Ming and Chongzhen years (1628-1644 ), Mao Wenlong, the chief of the Liaodong army, was stationed on the island to resist the invasion of the Jin soldiers and led the generals. We will resume Jinliao on the same day, and I will return to the country with my heart . The Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War on the Yellow Sea in front of the island took place today, and the statue of Deng Shichang with the Zhiyuan ship tube towers on the island. On the main peak, there are the semaphore platform of the Ming dynasty, the Ming dynasty turret on the west mountain, the stone masonry road between the mountain top and the seashore, and the excavated swords, helmets, and artillery shells. All are engraved with the old flames. The British-style lighthouse in Dongshantou and the villa in Denmark have added the exotic charm of Dalu Island.

Moon Bay in front of Dalu Island is a natural bath. The coastline is 3 kilometers long, 1 kilometer in depth, and the slope is only 1 meter. The beach sand is exquisite without seabed reefs, which is a rare high-quality bath in the country. Visitors can chase waves on the beach and cruise the sea by boat. At night, the neon lights on the shore reflect the sea, colorful, the lights on the shore, the lights in the water, dazzling each other. On the thirteenth day of the first lunar month of the lunar calendar, it is the birthday of the sea goddess. Everyone on the island must go to the beach to send sea lanterns. Moon Bay has become a world of lanterns. Many foreign tourists came to watch the sea lanterns for this purpose.

It is said that one spring many years ago, the Emperor Jade Emperor sent two fairies down. The two of them went down to earth, one became a mule, and the other became a deer. When they were wandering in the mountains and forests, they met a hunter who was chased by the hunter and ran away to the sea. The two fairies did not dare to show their original appearance, nor could they beg. The hunter chased after him, an arrow shot into the mule s throat, and an arrow hit the deer s heart. Hoe and deer tried their best to jump into the rough sea. The two fairies can no longer return to Tiangong. They have been shot dead by the hunters and turned into two small islands, which is now Dalu Island and the adjacent Tao Island. And the girls on the island are so beautiful that they have the saying that the onion of the Dragon King Temple, the wind of the island, the girl in the Dagu Mountain is a fairy ( pretty).

If you go to the island to find out the truth of this story, then no one will believe it. How can you take the legend seriously? I don t know why, but I went to the island for this seemingly untenable reason. Deep in my heart, I hope this story is true. What I m looking for is the fairy and reiki on the island.

A place to miss: On the island, watching the sunrise and sunset in the morning is a common life, which is really enviable and sighing. Whenever it is foggy or rainy, the whole island will be hidden in the sea of ​​clouds. Under the action of wind and sunlight, the outline of the island will gradually be exposed, like a python swimming in the sea of ​​clouds. If the conditions of light, wind, and clouds match, there will also be earth Buddha light and mirages, which seem to be real and imaginary, making people feel like they are in an unreal fairyland. As for the fire burning cloud victory in the setting sun, it is absolutely invisible on land.

That In the few days when I was relaxing in Dalu Island, in addition to the beach, the most convenient place for me to go is the drip kettle at the west cliff of the island. It was an equally mysterious and fairy-filled place, a puddle that would never dry up. The ticking spring water flows continuously into the pond, where it is clear and sweet. Holding a holy underwater belly, the summer heat disappeared, and it was refreshing.

Deer The forests of Dalu Island, the vast surrounding sea and the reef beach rock carvings along the coast form a unique mountain and sea shape. At present, 20 scenic spots and 77 scenic spots have been formed. Among them, Longyou Cave, Cable Bridge Fengyue, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Five Hundred Arhats, Shouxing Rock, Fisherman s Laodong, Scrambling Stones and Thousand Buddha Statues are the eight major landscapes on the island. There are also cliff inscriptions written by famous masters such as Liu Haisu, Sha Menghai, Lu Yanshao, Zhu Xi, Qian Jun and so on.

Dalu Island is surrounded by the sea on all sides. It is rich in prawns, pike crabs, conch, motley clams, clams, and various fishes. It is famous for its freshness and is praised by gourmets. The island has a pleasant climate with light sea breeze and clouds. The beautiful Moon Bay and Shuangzhu Beach, with gentle waves and soft sand, are the largest natural baths in the northern cape of China. It is also an ideal place for picking up shells in the shallows, fishing in the evening, surfing in the sea, watching the sunrise in the morning, and listening to the waves at night.

The small building built by the peasant s house costs 10 yuan a night, but the toilets and baths are shared outside, and bathing also costs extra money. There are 40 one night indoor, solar water heaters. We lived in the Huashuimu environment for the comfort of living. The water heater was still Ariston, and we discussed for half a day to live at 130 per night.

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