Big Buddha Temple Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Yongchuan Great Buddha Temple, also known as Cucumber Mountain Great Buddha Temple, is located in the southern suburbs of Yongchuan City, Chongqing, a major town in western Chongqing, and was built in the early Qing Dynasty. It was reopened in 1983, with newly built Noble Palace, Tianwang Hall, Guanyin Hall and mortuary, office, living building, and Yangxin Pavilion (tea garden) clock tower, etc., complete functions and magnificent; The Bodhisattva is serious and lifelike. The temple covers an area of 20 acres and is built on the mountain. It has a wide field of vision, overlooking the distant mountains, close view of the rolling hills, and night views of the thousands of lights. It is not only a Buddhist site, but also a great place for tourists to relax.

Dafo Temple Transportation: Yongchuan s main urban area is very convenient. There are 13 bus lines for 1 yuan and more than 300 taxis starting at 3 yuan.

Big Buddha Temple Accommodation: The main hotels and restaurants in the city cost between 50 and 200 yuan, and you can have a good meal for 10-30 yuan.

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