Big Banyan Tree Tourism

The big banyan tree of Yangshuo (the millennium ancient banyan tree) is located in the Lijiang Scenic Area, and is named the ancient banyan through the rocks. Best place for rural scenery. 7.5 km south of Yangshuo, the south bank of Jinbao River in Chuanyan Village, Gaotian Township, has an ancient banyan tree crown with a circular shape and a green giant umbrella in the distance. It was planted by the Jin Dynasty and has been more than 1500 years old. Under the ancient tree, the Jinbao River flows slowly and cleanly like a mirror.

小 A small stone mountain was pulled up flat across the bank, and a hole was crossed in the middle. It looks like a giant stone gate, and it is colorful. It is called penetrating rock. A village between rocks, that is, Chuanyan Village. The small river is intercepted by a dam. When the water rises, the water rolls over the dam surface, adding sound, light and dynamics to the elegant environment. There is a ferry under the ancient Chun tree, Rongyin Ancient Ferry is a scene in Yangshuo. This place is especially famous for having filmed in the film Liu Sanjie. Not far across the Gongnong Bridge, you can see a giant banyan tree standing quietly on the Kampar River passing by. Its tree perimeter is more than seven meters high, seventeen meters high, with luxuriant foliage and thick shade, and covers an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. According to legend, this was planted by the Sui Dynasty and has a history of thousands of years. Although the trunk is old and the roots are intertwined, it is still vibrant. In the movie, sister San Liu confided to Aniu brother under this tree and threw a flirting hydrangea. On the opposite bank of the Jinbao River, there is a small hill, and the cave in the middle is open , like a stone gate, which allows people to walk freely, so it is named Piercing Rock. There is a ferry between Banyan and Chuanyan, known as Rongyin Gudu. There is a stone near the river passing through the rock, quite like a chubby bear climbing a mountain. So the folk sang: the golden hook hangs on the mountain, the frog floats on the water, the bear rushes over the mountain, and the ancient banyan accompanies the stream.

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