Big and small caves-also known as seamount wonders

Haishan Wonders (also known as Xiaodongtian) is located on the seashore 40 kilometers west of Sanya City, about 13 kilometers from the End of the World. This scene was discovered by the knowledgeable army of the Jiyang Army in the Song Dynasty and built by Mao Kui, a guardian of Houya Prefecture. Here is a combination of strange and beautiful sea, mountain and stone views. When the General Secretary visited the wonders of Haishan, he was amazed by his spectacular scenery. The impromptu inscription Bihai is so far away that Qiongya is full of spring. Yazhou Bay has arcs of hundreds of miles, blue waves and thousands of hectares; Aoshan clouds, deep forests, lush rocks, and rugged caves; the coast is full of magical axe-sized stones. Between the mountains and the sea is like a simple and beautiful scroll painting. There are still historic celebrity attractions in the area. So far, there have been small cave days, fishing platforms, sea and mountain wonders, fairy ladders, fairy trails, a nd test sword peaks.

The Tang dynasty monk Jian Zhen led a Japanese study monk Rong Rui, Pu Zhao, and his disciples Xiangyan, Si Tuo and his entourage to go to Japan for the fifth time in the Tang Dynasty seven years (748). A typhoon drifted to the sea and landed here. Renovate the Dayun Temple, spread the Buddhist culture, and leave a good story. Today, a large granite carving of the monk Jianzhen and his disciples is completed.

Gate   Tickets: 50 yuan for the Buddhist Cultural Garden; 28 yuan for the large and small tourist areas; 20 yuan for the Golden Jade Guanyin Pavilion; Changshou Valley does not accept tickets

Transportation Guide: ◇ Take the provincial express train from Haikou to Sanya, and then take a taxi to the destination (50 yuan) ◇ You can take a Tianya Nanshan van in the city (4 yuan); Taihe bus (5 yuan) / people)

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