Bifengxia Scenic Area Tourism

Bifengxia Scenic Area was approved as a provincial-level scenic spot in Sichuan Province in 1986, and was also approved as a national-level scenic spot in early 1998. It is located 8 kilometers north of Ya an City, Sichuan Province, 100 kilometers from Chengdu, and 5 kilometers from the junction of Chengya Expressway under construction. After the opening of Chengya Road, the drive from Chengdu to Bifengxia is only over an hour.

The Luxi Gorge is 30 to 70 meters wide, 700 to 1971 meters above sea level, and the gorge walls are relatively 100 to 200 meters. Vegetation, gorges and waterfalls are the distinctive features of Bifengxia Scenic Area. The forests in the gorge are lush , green, dripping with peaks and ridges and cliffs. Sometimes the peaks are soaring, the sky is high, and the two mountains merge into the sky. The multi-type waterfall landscape makes the double gorge add infinite scenery and is intoxicating. The valley stream rushes down, and the silver waves and the valley sound, the unique mood. Travel along the 1.5-meter-wide stone road in the gorge area, you can enjoy the original style of danger, wonder, show, and seclusion. Vegetation, gorges, waterfalls, and snow are the four distinctive features of Bifengxia Scenic Area. It combines danger, wonder, show, and cleverness in an original style and is known as Xiaojiuzhaigou. There are more than 60 places of interest in the scenic area , including H uanglong Gorge, Tianxian Bridge, natural bonsai, Qianlongyan waterfall, Bailongtan waterfall, Nu Wa pool, Nu Wa hand (Qingyun ladder), and dripping waterway.

1. Transportation: The national highway 108.318 and the Chengdu-Yazhou Expressway under construction run through the two counties and cities in parallel, and nearly a thousand passenger cars pass by each day. The highways in the scenic area extend in all directions, and more than 10 towns and villages in the area are connected by highways. The highways are network-shaped and connected to various attractions in a ring shape. The two counties and cities have nearly a hundred buses per day, and the transportation is very convenient. The entire Chengya Expressway will be completed and opened to traffic at the end of 1998. By then, it will only take an hour and a half from Chengdu. At present, it takes about 3 hours to drive from Chengdu to Mengshan Bifengxia Scenic Area.

2. Accommodation: There are nearly one hundred high-, medium-, and low-grade hotels, inns, and guest houses in the city with more than 6,000 beds. The standard ranges from 20 yuan to 200 yuan, which can be freely chosen by tourists, or stay at Bifengxia Scenic Area. Hotels, restaurants.

3. Snacks: Ya an restaurants, snacks are packed in a row, you can taste a variety of hot pots, taste Yabao of the treasure sword, you can also eat tarts, tarts, noodles, barbecue, spicy hot snacks, which can meet the consumption of tourists of different levels demand.

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