Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area

Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot, located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, is composed of 6 old scenic spots: Water Cave, Hot Spring Temple, Tanggou, Guanmen Mountain, Tiecha, and Miaohou Mountain. It is distributed along the Prince River in a strip shape with a total area of ​​42.2 square kilometers.

Lishui Cave has an area of ​​36,000 square meters and a total length of 2,300 meters, 35 kilometers northeast of Benxi City. The scenic area is mainly composed of Benxi water cave, integrating mountains, water, caves, springs, lakes, and ancient human cultural sites. The water cave is a large limestone water-filled cave formed millions of years ago. The cave is deep and wide. It is the longest water-filled cave that has been discovered in the world. The underground river is now 3,000 meters long. At the bottom, the entrance is half-moon shaped. The entrance to the entrance is a hall that can hold thousands of people. There is a 300-meter-long dry cave on the right side of the hall. The cave is staggered in height. There are holes in the cave, each with a cave day. The fissures develop in groups, presenting all kinds of objects, without modification, naturally interesting, just like a dragon palace wonderland. On the left is a harbour, as far as the lights are concerned, the objects in the cave are suspended in the water one by one, and the Qionggongjing Pavilion is very beautiful.

A large paleontological hall has now been built in Luohan Cave. There is more than 1,000 square meters of water on the front of the hall. There are docks that can dock 40 cruise ships at the same time, and rafting allows you to swim in the water hole. You can enjoy the size of the water hole, the length of the water hole, the depth of the water hole, and the beauty of the waterfall. Then, you must not Don t marvel: the stalactite peaks have thousands of peaks, the light boat and the clear water poetry and painting room, the Zhongxiu should only exist in the fairy world, and the world is unique.

Tongguanmen Mountain Scenic Area has the reputation of Little Huangshan in the Northeast. Rich tourism resources. There are 12 scenic spots and ancient cultural sites in Miaohoushan, including early Paleolithic cave sites in Northeast China, which are of great value for studying the distribution of ancient humans and ancient geography in eastern Liaoning.

Tiecha Mountain Scenic Area, also known as Jiuding Tiecha Mountain, is the birthplace of Northeast Taoism. In the southwest of Nandianzi Station on the Xitian Railway of Benxi City, it stretches dozens of miles. Prince Edward Lake circulates in the north of the mountain, and Bapanling arches guard the south. There are peaks of Yuan Shiding, Zhenwu Ding, Lingbao Ding, Yuhuang Ding, Taishang Ding and Splendid Ding, just like Lihu Chaotian. The highest peak is 700 meters above sea level. There are poems praising the mountains and landscape clouds: as high as cutting jade and cold at night, looking at the clouds, there are thousands of layers. There are cliffs in the early Qing Dynasty on the cliffs, which are engraved with large characters such as small mountains and unique worlds . There are winding routes for mountaineering. After turning over 70 large bends, the main peak is reached. There are caves such as clouds, sunlight, sky crowns, sky bridges, etc. Yunguang Cave is the most famous . A large number of scenic spots such as stone dragons and stone tigers in the cave are all natural wonders, but they are called the Eight Treasures because of the name Eight Treasures Yunguang Cave. In the three years of Ming Chongzhen, Guo Shouzhen lived in Yunguang Cave in seclusion, and then he received his disciples here, known as the ancestors of Taoism in Kanto.

The Juxianlou Hotel in the scenic area occupies an area of ​​1600 square meters. It is a garden-style foreign-style hotel with a unique Manchu style. It integrates catering, entertainment, and accommodation. It has 8 large and small private rooms and a multi-functional hall that can accommodate 300 people for dining. The beautiful environment and high-quality service will meet the needs of different guests.

Lishuidong Hotel is a foreign-related hotel built and managed according to the three-star standard, with a construction area of ​​6,700 square meters. After being built as a whole, Shuidong Hotel has complete facilities and provides supporting services. It has added Korean special service facilities and food culture, and is an ideal place for you to travel, sightseeing, meetings, vacations, and leisure. In recent years, Benxi Water Tunnel has been committed to infrastructure construction. At present, it has formed its own power supply, heating, heating, water supply and drainage, roads, international program-controlled telecommunications and television receiving systems. Travel agencies, fleets, and advertising companies can also provide group tourists with domestic and foreign line tours in the surrounding scenic spots. High- end service facilities, high-quality tourist routes, various drinks with Manchu characteristics, precious and rare local products make Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area a one-stop service system for eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing, and entertainment.

There are more than 20 tourist-star hotels in the city, with more than 10,000 beds. There are Fujia Hotel, Zhengfang Hotel, Jinding Hotel, Shuidong Hotel Samsung, and mid-to-high-end tourist hotels with three-star or higher qualification. A two-star standard tourist hotel with conditions for receiving foreigners.

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