Beiyue Temple Tourism

For the Naxi people, Beiyue Temple is the most important temple, and it is dedicated to the three protectors of the Naxi tribe, the Three Gods. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and is the earliest temple in Lijiang. It was expanded and rebuilt at least nine times. The temple is also known as Sanduo Pavilion, which means the home of Sanduo.

There is a reason for the temple to be built here. In ancient times, there was a powerful Naxi hunter. When hunting on Yulong Mountain, he chased a white cricket, which disappeared behind a stone. The hunter was very strange, so he took this piece of white stone home with his back on his back. When he reached the current position of Beiyue Temple, he couldn t carry his back. People thought it was the holy spirit of the God of the Jade Dragon Mountain, so they set up a statue here to worship and named the god Sanduo. Since then, people often see a god riding a white horse, wearing white armor, and holding a white spear to appear and appear to protect the lives of the Naxi people.

Here are the identities of the deities in the three halls: three statues in the middle of the hall, three in the middle, his Tibetan wife on the left, and his second wife on the right, symbolizing the Tibetan, Bai, and Naxi origins The intimacy of the three brothers. Immediately above them are the words Snow Stone Beiyue Anbang King gifted by Hu Bilie and the book Xue Liang (note that the existing joint plaques are almost all written after rebuilding in 1986, only this The word Xue Liang is a copy of the hand of Tusi Mu Zeng. On the side of the hall are two generals. The one on the left is called General Keshi. It is a member of the Sanduo. The one on the right is called Abao Gaodi and is the servant of Sanduo.

The ancient Beiyue Temple is a towering place with ancient trees. To this day, there is only one ancient cypress tree, east of the main hall. It is said to have a history of more than 1,200 years. Although the tree body is partially dead and rotten, the trunk is still upright and green, showing the vicissitudes of change. Some of the tourists who came to watch Wandu Camellia also watched this cypress.

Accommodation: Most of the inns in the Old Town of Lijiang are converted from the old houses of the Old Town of Lijiang. The sanitation is good and the equipment is complete. The price is roughly between 30-50 yuan (the inn s duty room is usually equipped with public telephones and fax machines). The fluctuation of housing prices is mainly based on the off-season or peak tourist season, and the floating standard is generally between 50% and 200%. The inn does not serve breakfast or dinner.

Lijiang Ancient City International Youth Hostel, No. 44 Mishi Lane (0888-5102345), Xinyi Street, Dayan Town, Lijiang, Yunnan, 27 km from Lijiang Airport and 1.5 km from Lijiang Gaokuo Passenger Station. From Lijiang Bus Station, take bus No . 8 to the hotel. The room with a toilet in the high season is about 200 yuan, and the room with a toilet in the low season is 60 yuan. The room with a toilet in the low season is 60 yuan. RMB 15 per person.

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