Beishan Park Tourism

Beishan Park is located on Beishan on the north side of Baishan City. It is an excellent place for tourists to set foot, cool off the heat, climb mountains, do morning exercises and conduct patriotic education. The forest vegetation in the park is intact, and natural secondary forests and artificial forests contrast each other. Visitors can enjoy not only the magnificence of nature, but also the warm atmosphere of nature while watching the buildings and watching. Standing on the Songtao Pavilion, the whole picture of Baishan s modern city is unobstructed; the gazebo in the middle of the forest is ingenious, natural and harmonious, elegant, and contrasts with the surrounding mountains and canopies, blending with the scene. The park has tourism services such as a zoo, a fishing pond, and a service department for tourism and catering products. At the center of the park is the Sibao Linjiang Monument. The shape of the entire body is carved from the flag tower group that symbolizes the fo ur red flags. It is covered with red marble, which symbolizes the revolutionary result is dyed red with the blood of martyrs. Each red flag symbolizes every victory in defending Linjiang. The finishing touch of the flag tower is the seven glittering characters of the Sibao Linjiang Monument written by Chen Yun. It is strong and chic, showing the outstanding quality of the older generation of revolutionaries and the legacy of the people in the old district. Hope and sustenance. The flag tower is surrounded by a platform and stone steps around it, symbolizing the hard-won revolution, surrounded by green pines and cypresses in the distance, symbolizing that the revolutionary heroes will always be young and live in people s hearts forever.

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