Beishan Ancient Temples Tourism

Beishan Ancient Temples Group is located on the 255-meter-high Dongfeng Peak in Beishan Park. The temples continue from the peak to the top of the mountain. The architectural style is unique, and it is an ancient temple group with a history of nearly 300 years.

The temples of Beibei Mountain are mixed with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, and the folk deities are worshipped in the same temple. The temples are full of strong customs and fireworks, which reflect the folk customs of Northeast China in the late Qing and early Republic of China. This pattern is very rare in other temples across the country. Standing at the foot of Beishan and looking up at Dongfeng, I saw layers of mountains surrounded by temples. Looking up, you can see the famous buildings such as Fanxuetang, Guandi Temple, Yaowang Temple, Kanli Palace, and Yuhuang Pavilion. Among them, Yuhuang Pavilion is the highest, largest and most magnificent building among the ancient buildings in Beishan. Yuhuang Pavilion, also known as Daxiong Pavilion, was built in 1725 and rebuilt in 1926 . The palace is magnificent. There are four statues of the King of Heaven on both sides of the main entrance. The ancestor hall is provided with Buddha Shakyamuni, Taoist ancestor Lao Tzu, and Confuc ian sage Confucius. In addition, the side halls on both sides also provide medicine king Li Shizhen and carpenter ancestor Lu Ban There are 16 ancestors of various professions.

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