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Another level of meaning in the last sentence is that if friends who are not interested in China s political history still go elsewhere. Otherwise you will feel that many attractions are the same, no difference. Basically it is a large park and some buildings representing feudal power. If you are interested in the sea, you can go to Hainan, Qingdao, Dalian, Putuo Mountain; go to Inner Mongolia if you are interested in grassland; go to Tibet if you are interested in the desert; go to Yulong Snow Mountain if you are interested in the snow mountain; Huangshan.

Friendly reminder: It is not possible to book a hard sleeper. A soft sleeper is reserved but it is too expensive for 499 yuan. You can make up a hard sleeper ticket after boarding the train, but it is difficult to make up. I teach an experience here, that is, waiting for the bus an hour earlier. In this way, you can line up in front of the waiting line. After checking the ticket, you have to register the sleeping berth on the train immediately. The conductor will write a serial number on your ticket. The higher the serial number, the more chance there is to get a sleeping berth. If you want to play well, you need to rest. Booking a sleeper is still well worth it.

Friendship recommendation: I was satisfied with this trip to Beijing, booking this hotel is a big factor. This hotel is a chain economy hotel. Although the room is a bit small, it is very refreshing and warm, the sanitary equipment is clean and complete , and the service is very good. I highly recommend home-like hotel chains. Everyone can book on, but I didnt book it on, I called to make a temporary reservation. I originally wanted to book a home-like store, but I didnt book it, so I had to book a Beixinqiao store, but the result was I am very satisfied because the Beixinqiao store has just opened (September 04) and the equipment is all new .

Friendship suggestion: Prepare two travel bags, one large and one small. The large ones are used in hotels and the small ones are used for travel. This saves effort and saves a lot of trouble. Memorial halls, city towers, the Forbidden City and other places all need to keep bags, and line up to spend time and money. I carried a medium bag at that time, and it cost 9 yuan and 15 minutes to save the bag in the memorial hall. The tower took 3 yuan and 15 minutes.

1. For tourists who have a digital camera, no digital companion, or a laptop, they can go to a photo studio that can write discs. I am a computer staff member named Zhou in the Beijing Photo Gallery near Beijiaqiao. I gave him the full camera every day and stored it in his computer. The day before I left, I engraved all the photos on a disk, 15 yuan each. My digital camera is 128 MB, so there are more than 400 MB. For the sake of insurance , I also found another digital print shop for backup. I didn t go to the printer at the end. It was a bit embarrassing! But for double insurance, nothing can be done.

Because I didn t get a sleeper when I came to Beijing, I shouldn t be tired today. Pick a few spots near the accommodation. After arriving in Beijing at 9:34 am, take bus 104 on the left side of Beijing Railway Station and get off at Beixinqiao (about half an hour), walk for 10 minutes to Home Inn Beixinqiao Store to check in (reservation required), after a short rest (you can Hotel dining), start at about 13:00, walk for 10 minutes to Lama Temple (about 1 hour), and then walk for 5 minutes to the Confucian Temple (about half an hour), next to the Confucian Temple is the Guozijian (about half an hour), and continue west along the Confucian Gate About 5 minutes, take No. 104 at about 16:00 to Wangfujing (about half an hour), go shopping in Wangfujing, if you have an appetite, eat Dundong Laishun Hotpot (138 yuan for two people), and go for a walk at about 18:00 Watching the flag drop (about 10 minutes), you will find that people are waiting for the flag to drop. (The flag drop time vari es from day to day. You can buy a Beijing newspaper to see it. For 50 cents, there are daily flag raising and lowering times.) I lowered the flag at 18:30. After reading it, I wanted to have a party in the square, but because I was too sleepy, I walked to Wangfujing Yangzhao to call a taxi club, which cost 13 yuan. Today I am sleeping at 21:00, and tomorrow I will go to Xiangshan, one of the main purposes of my trip to Beijing.

Because it is a good season to watch the red leaves, and I am afraid of traffic jams, I got up early. At 6 oclock, we have got on the No. 13 bus in front of the home. Take the bus to Fuchengmen in about 20 minutes and get off. Rice is the starting point of Route 737 to Xiangshan. There is a restaurant for breakfast here. My wife and I ate two bowls of tofu brain and meat buns. It cost 5 yuan and took the No . 714 bus to the terminal Xiangshan at about 7:45.. There are three roads to climb Xiangshan Mountain. The best route is on the middle road, down the south road, there are many attractions on the middle road, there is Hongye District on the south road, and the main road is the cable car. I was too tired and sleepy, so the cable car on the North Road came down. Afraid that Xiangshan took our little energy, we bought some red leaves of Xiangshan at the exit , about 11 o clock, we took the 737 to the Summer Palace in the parking lot of Xiangshan (down the mountain so blocked, about 2 0 minutes, to the Summer Palace about 11: 50). Climbing Xiangshan took an hour more than the two hours I expected. (All because the sleeper did n’t sit and was tired)

In the Summer Palace, we bought student tickets, but did not buy a joint ticket (the joint ticket includes Foxiang Pavilion, Suzhou Street, Dehe Garden), because I heard that Suzhou Street can be seen on a bridge on the Internet. Have. ) Because Xiangshan climbed too tired, our foot pain affected our mood of playing the Summer Palace. We stopped and rested. The long mention of Yangliu Jiadi on both sides of the strait did not leave, and we took a boat on the promenade (8 yuan / person). After arriving at Nanhu Island, I walked from the Seventeen-Kong Bridge to the South Gate and looked at the meter, only two thirty. Take Route 374 to Fucheng Road, and I was going to go home. At a glance, it was still early. Just at the end of Route 13, I got off at 374 and got off the east gate of the famous Yuyuantan Park, so I decided to cross Yuyuantan to save money. Played one more attraction. Who knows that this is a wrong decision. Yuyuantan scenery has nothing to say. There are water and trees, and boating (40 yuan / hour). The student ticket is only 1 yuan, but he is much bigger than the map. I walked for two hours (and because I was afraid of detours, I wanted to come out quickly, I haven t gone to the park s attractions), I only saw the original park view car when I walked to the east gate. I was so annoyed that my poor feet Ah! !! !! It took more than 20 minutes to wait for the bus to get off at the East Gate 13 at the 13th station (how so slow) before getting on the bus at 17:15, when I met the peak of work (Beijing people get off work at 17:30), it was already 18:45 at home. I also took the station (in fact, recently at the Chuanban Hutong Station, we got off at Beixinqiao Station and walked for 5 minutes). We simply went to the hotpot street of Beixinqiao Ghost Street and sauerkraut and fish hotpot. The taste was not bad! My wife said it was her first dinner in Beijing. Just a lot of waste! When you order, pay attention to the amount of dishes in Beijing! The sauerkrau t hot pot we ordered was 20 yuan, grass carp half a catty 20 yuan, mutton 18 yuan, three vegetarian dishes, one preserved egg tofu, a total of 95 yuan wasted, half a mutton, a wide noodle, half an preserved egg tofu , Half a gluten, and half a bottle of Coca-Cola. Such waste should not be ah, and can not be packed, ashamed!

The flag was raised at about 6:30. We didnt see it, but I think we should see it. We got up at 8:00 and wanted to take route 104. But when we saw the car was full of people , so The taxi went and got off at Zhengyangmen Arrow Tower. It cost 19 yuan. The traffic jam in the morning. First took a picture in Arrow Tower and went to see Chairman Mao (It took more than an hour, half an hour to line up to store bags, half an hour to line up to enter the museum, see if the chairman does not need money, it costs 9 yuan to save the bag, and it costs 2 to rent the flowers Yuan, Chairman Mao introduced the booklet for 1 Yuan, dozens of stalls came out from the back door of the Chairman s Memorial Hall, all selling Chairman s souvenirs, the price is not cheap, alas, the influence of the market economy is really great !!!) I didnt go. I went straight to climb the tower. I dont know if I have to queue up to save my bag. I have to queue up to get my bag. The tower is issuing a buildin g certificate. I m not interested. My wife strongly requested to buy two. It cost 24 yuan and even a photo. nothing. Then we went to the long-cherished Forbidden City. We strolled in the Forbidden City for 5 hours and didn t come out until 17 o clock. It s not too big to carry a bag at the Forbidden City, otherwise you have to save the bag and rent an electronic interpreter at the entrance. It is very useful, only 10 yuan / piece. From the middle road to Shenwumen, return from Xi Liugong to Taihedian, and then visit Dongliu Palace. Dongliu Palace Treasure Hall will buy another 10 yuan per person. After visiting Dongliu Palace, go out from Shenwumen. If you have the energy, you can go to Jingshan Park again, but get out of the Forbidden City earlier. I was too tired to go anywhere and called the car back to the hotel because I had to get up early tomorrow morning to climb the Great Wall.

I was going to climb the Great Wall, and I was very excited. I woke up early in the morning. At 7:30, we walked out of our home and walked for 5 minutes to Zhang Zizhong Street and took Road 734 to Deshengmen to change the 919 air-conditioned bus to the Badaling Great Wall. (Note: There are many branches of the 919. Don t make a mistake. You need to take the air-conditioned bus in the parking lot behind Deshengmen (12 yuan / person). After waiting for almost three quarters, the car will start at about 9 o clock, 10:30 to Badaling. The northern slope we climbed, because the northern slope has a good slope, and there are many people, so we are busy. There is a pulley (30 yuan / person) and a cable car (40 yuan / person) along the way to go down the mountain. We didn t sit, it was mostly the team rush. At this time the team is not as free as we are. In fact, the south slope is also good, but we can t climb anymore. At about 12:30 noon, we went out for lunch. So expensive, a box lunch cost s 22 yuan.

After eating lunch at 13:30, we temporarily decided to go to the Ming Tombs. (But this decision is the taint of our trip. Not only did we spend money, but it was almost an injustice. The attractions are also the most unpleasant !) Badaling has no car to go to the Tombs, so we had to rent a car to the Tombs. Well, because there are no taxis here, only individual vans, you can bargain with him.) We rented 60 yuan to the Shisanling Tomb. The driver first said that he would drop me off to three attractions for free. The first one was Ming and Qing old Beijing. When I got there, the scale was quite large, but there were no tourists, and I hadn t heard about it, so I didn t go in. The driver immediately became unhappy, and I didn t know why. Later, we asked the talents to know the truth. Then the driver took us to the Ming Palace Wax Museum. He said that it was the total tomb of the Ming Tombs. We went to see a gate with two travel agency buses, a tomb ticket of 40 yuan / person, and a studen t ticket of 20 yuan / person. It was not expensive, so we went in. There are about 15 wax figures in the area, which tells the story of the Ming Dynasty Tombs Emperor. But when the driver saw that we were student tickets, he showed upset again. Originally, he had to go to Zhaoling. He said it was the best-preserved mausoleum on the ground. I learned from the online travel blog that Dingling has the largest scale, so I told him to go to Dingling as soon as I got in the car. He was vague. accepted. Around 15:00 arrived at Dingling. At this point, his box seemed to come to a halt. At Dingling, when we got out of the car, he turned around and left.

Then we started the bad luck trip of our trip to Beijing. First, the ticket seller checked the student ID when buying the tickets, but it got mixed up. At the ticket gate, good guy, there were five ticket inspectors side by side. At first I thought there was only one ticket inspector checking our tickets and student ID. Who knew that five people gathered around to see it. A female ticket inspector with sunglasses said coldly that one hundred percent was not me. No matter how we justified them , they were reluctant to say anything. A fat female ticket inspector took my student ID and asked me: how many years did you enter school? I panicked and said in my mouth: I am a junior in this year, and of course I entered school in 2001. The fat ticket inspector proudly shoved my student ID into my hand and said, Come on, get a ticket! I opened my student ID card: it was September 2002. After that, we had to make up for the ticket. The ticket seller said proudly when I came back, saying, Be ho nest, be honest. Hum, the two tickets cost 120 yuan, but this is our ticket to the highest attraction in Beijing. Originally thought, there must be a nice scenery inside so expensive. No one knew it. When he entered the next catacomb, there were only three dragon chairs and a few coffins, and he came out in half an hour. It was only 16:30 when he looked at the watch, and his intuition was not worth it! It is strongly recommended that friends who are not particularly interested in the mausoleum should not come here for fun! Spend time, money, energy and no heads! !! !!

Return directly to Beijing without a bus. After inquiries, you can take bus 315 to Changping in Dingling parking lot to change to 345 or 919, but 315 takes a 40-minute bus. The time is late, the bus is slow, and you cant wait. Tourists shared a car to Changping. A total of 20 yuan, I paid 10 yuan, and then took 919 back to Deshengmen. The ticket was 4 yuan / person. When I arrived at Deshengmen, I felt too tired , so I returned home and spent 12 yuan. Otherwise, you can take the subway to Andingmen and walk back to the hotel. I went to Home Inn and quickly engraved a photo of four days in Beijing Photo Gallery. The other photo gallery didn t go. I wonder if they will deal with the photos I had there three days ago?

(2) Drivers from Badaling to Dingling gave us free rebates in the old Beijing and Ming Palace, etc. There are huge rebates. For old Beijing 45 yuan tickets, he can get 30 yuan, for Ming Palace 40 yuan tickets, he can get 20 yuan, students. The ticket costs 20 yuan and 10 yuan. (No wonder the driver s attitude has changed so much before and after), so if you choose to take a taxi, you must say the destination clearly.

Time flies so fast. The holiday is over so soon. My wife said that these two days were too tired and there was not enough rest. So I slept in the morning and gave up going to Beihai Park (otherwise I went to Beihai Park in the morning and went to the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon). I checked out at 10 in the morning and went to Temple of Heaven at the door of No. 106 and went to the Temple of Heaven. Get off at the station. My wife didn t dare to buy student tickets, so she bought tickets for 15 yuan / person (student ticket 8 yuan / person). Tiantan Park is much more fun than the Ming Tombs. The place is large, with trees, grass, and green. I was in a very good mood, and I added the attraction ticket to the Temple of Heaven, Echo Wall, and Qiuqiu. The Temple of Heaven was very tall. Under the blue sky, the roof of the Temple of Heaven seemed to glow blue, I couldnt help it Living in the Temple of Heaven turned over a few somersaults. The echo wall is actually no secret, it is a circular wall, using the principle of sound wave emission. Many people who didn t know spoke softly at the two ends of the fence and listened carefully to each other s voice, but they couldn t hear anything. There is a protruding round stone slab in the center of Qiuqiu. Many people are standing there to take pictures. My wife and I took turns to take pictures. It seems that this stone was where the emperor stood before. After taking photos in Qiuqiu, we turned back to the northwest, passed Zhai Palace, and went out from the south gate. Only 13:00.

I thought we were a train at 19:51, it is only 14:00, and there are 5 hours left. Where can I go to Beihai Park? My wife can t go, the parks are almost the same, let s just go around. So we went around Dashilan and bought some Beijing specialties, soy crisps and fructose. I wanted to buy a few Beijing roast ducks at Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, but it was too expensive. It cost 108 yuan each. And no one in our family eats roast duck, so I didnt buy it (another reason is that there are too many roast ducks here. I dont know that the brand is authentic, that is, the take-out at the gate of Quanjude is 78 yuan / piece. Not theirs). At 15:00, we were tired. At the front door, KFC ate two packets of big potatoes and two cups of coke, and sat for about an hour. At 16: 30, we ran to the square again to find a grassy stone step, and sat in the dark. At 18:15, we set off for the railway station, took the No. 59 at the front door, and took five stops. However , it is relatively congested. It is almost 19:00 to Beijing Station. There are many people waiting, ten times more than coming to Beijing. Sure enough, as soon as I checked in, I registered for a sleeper ticket and it was already on the 20th. (I was lucky. Later, there were 21 berths. I almost got to Shanghai, so I had to come early to wait for the bus.)

3. The sights in Beijing are very similar. They are large parks, so it is not required to be comprehensive, but to focus on the selection of seasonal, representative, I went in autumn, so I focused on the Xiangshan, the Summer Palace , the Badaling Great Wall, the Fourth Palace. Attractions. Although other attractions are also good, they can only be used as a supplement and you can choose not to go. Don t waste unnecessary energy in order to go to more attractions.

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