Beijing to Hangzhou Self-guided Getaway

Hangzhou is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, more than 180 kilometers away from Shanghai. It is one of the seven famous ancient capitals in the history of our country, and is a key scenic tourist city and a historical and cultural city determined by the State Council.

Hangzhou has always been famous for its beautiful scenery and is known as a paradise on earth. It has two well-known national-level scenic spots, namely the West Lake and Fuchun River-Xin an River (Qiandao Lake), the world wonders Qian Qian Chao, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal., National Nature Reserve, West Tianmu Mountain and other scenic spots, and adjacent to the world famous mountain Huangshan, historical and cultural city Shaoxing, through Putuo Mountain, Ningbo, Fenghua Xikou , Yandang Mountain, Tiantai Mountain and other famous scenic areas, becoming an ideal recreation for people Land and place for sightseeing.

Hangzhou is not only picturesque, but also rich in humanities and developed in science, technology and culture. There are many famous grotto statues, inscriptions, and ancient buildings around the West Lake, which are all precious art treasures of China. Famous celebrities have left rich historical sites and poetry paintings in Hangzhou. Hangzhou also gave birth to one of the four major inventions in ancient China. Bi Sheng, the inventor of movable type printing, and Shen Kuo, an outstanding scientist in China and the author of Meng Xi Bi Tan, etc.

名 The famous Italian traveler Marco Polo praised Hangzhou as the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world. It can be said that Hangzhou is not only from China, but also from the world.

Location: Located on the southeast coast of China, north of Zhejiang Province, the north bank of the lower Qiantang River, and the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The total area of ​​the city is 16,596 square kilometers, of which the urban area is 3068 square kilometers.

Divisions: 8 districts including Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Gongshu, Jianggan, West Lake, Binjiang, Xiaoshan, Yuhang, Fuyang, Jiande, Lin an, 3 county-level cities, Tonglu, Chun an, 2 counties.

Hangzhou is worthy of the paradise on earth given by nature, just as Su Dongpo s seven must-have: the water is bright, the water is beautiful, the mountains are empty, and the rain is strange . Whether it is cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snowy and foggy weather changes every day, or the seasonal variations of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, she is very outstanding, and she gives people different beauty with a beautiful face! Among the Ten Scenic Spots and New Ten Scenic Spots of the West Lake that are related to weather and seasons are Broken Bridge Residual Snow , Su Di Chun Xiao , Qu Yuan Fenghe , Pinghu Autumn Moon , Manlong Guiyu Wait.

Hangzhou is as harsh and cold as other places in the south of the Yangtze River. Even northerners can t afford to wear some thick and warm clothing. Other single seasons and single pants are fine. It should be specially reminded that late June to early July is the rainy season, with sunny and violent rain, and early to mid-August is a typhoon-prone season, often with heavy rain. At this time, you need to bring a sunny umbrella when you travel to Hangzhou. Even if it doesn t rain, it can also be used as a prop for taking pictures by the charming West Lake.

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