Beijing Qinglong Lake Park

Beijing Qinglong Lake Park is located on the bank of Qinglong Lake in Wangzuo Township, Fengtai District, Beijing. It covers an area of ​​1,000 acres and is only more than 20 kilometers away from the capital city. It has convenient transportation. The water area of ​​the park is 6000 acres. The park has beautiful mountains and clear water, lush forests, wide lakes, and a beautiful ecological environment. There are several areas such as open-air beach baths, sightseeing orchards, water entertainment, conference catering, and comprehensive services.

The lake in Gion is clear, with blue waters and thousands of hectares. It is surrounded by green mountains and tree shadows. In spring, you can see elegant white swans and swarms of wild ducks.

The 60-acre beach bath is a European-style open-air bath. The three pools are three-level steps, divided into shallow, medium and deep pools. The water flows from top to bottom to form a three-level water landscape, so that visitors can enjoy Fun to the beach.

There are thrilling and peculiar water parachutes in the water entertainment park. The scenic dragon boat can take you to the lake, as well as high-speed motor boats, speedboats, self-driving boats, escort boats and other entertainment items.

The 400-acre tourist orchard brings together more than 30 domestic and foreign tree species and more than 70 varieties of famous, excellent, special and new fruit trees. Fruits mature from the end of June to November for tourists to pick.

Family and ordinary Beyano provide you with elegant and comfortable living environment. The Xiankeyuan restaurant is fully equipped with conference rooms and KTV private rooms. Visitors can taste a variety of farm snacks and enjoy one-stop service of dining and entertainment. Welcome to Beijing Qinglong Lake Park!

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