Beijing Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum was established on April 2, 1951. It covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​21640 square meters. The collection has more than 100,000 specimens and more than 50,000 volumes. It is the first large-scale natural science museum established by its own strength after the founding of New China.

Natural Museum is mainly engaged in the research of paleontology, modern biology, anthropology, specimen collection and scientific popularization. There are basic displays such as animals, plants, paleontology, Origin of Man, and other special displays such as Dinosaur World , Aquatic Biology Hall, The Human Body Is Wonderful all year round. 8-10 special temporary exhibitions are launched every year. There are 1-2 exhibitions in the city and the country throughout the year. Large-scale exhibitions such as China Dinosaur Exhibition and China Ancient Animal Exhibition have been exhibited in Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions for many years, and have made their own scientific and cultural exchanges between China and other countries and regions around the world. contribution. The academic journal Beijing Natural Museum Research Report and the large-scale popular science journal Nature are publicly distributed nationwide. The annual average audience of 500,000 visitors has effectively played the role of the main force of popular science.

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