Beijing Nangong Hot Spring Fishing Center

Beijing Nangong Hot Spring Fishing Center is located in Beijing Nangong World Geothermal Expo Park, next to Nangongyuan Park. The overall environment is elegant and quiet. Its main design uses a round arched colored steel roof, which is tall and spacious, and imposing. In the summer, it is cooled by central air-conditioning, and in winter. Floor radiation heating, advanced facilities, first-class in the country; five ordinary fishing ponds, two high-end fishing ponds in function, one rare fish house and one fish house in the country, and goldfish for children Fishing hall; accompanied by soft background music, VIP lounge and ordinary lounge on the first floor, and catering services on the second floor; while the electronic display screens on the two sides of the lobby provide you with comprehensive fish knowledge while fishing leisurely Introductions and comprehensive news reports on audiovisual and current affairs will make you return to nature and integrate into the world.

All fishing water uses 3,000 meters underground hot mineral water, which contains various trace elements that are extremely beneficial to human health; and the completion of hot spring farming, geothermal science popularization, hot spring planting picking parks and other projects close to the fishing center, for you Added more options and recreational options during fishing breaks. Nangong Hot Spring Center can apply for membership.

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