Beijing Longmai Hot Spring Resort

Since the Yuan Dynasty, this treasure land has been called dragon vein by geographers. In recent years, Longmai Hot Spring has relied on this unique advantage to build a number of bases to promote Dragon Culture, including the Longmai Hot Spring Entertainment Palace, Royal Resort, Hot Spring Ecological Park, and Dragon Culture Museum.

The Dragon Museum displays dragon culture and legends to the world. The main body of the museum is a 298-meter-long, 26-meter-high, 6-meter-diameter dragon that has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. The First Dragon in the World empties into the center garden of Longmai Hot Spring Resort. The interior of the dragon is decorated with 15 exhibition halls. From primitive life, human nature, Sun Tzu s thoughts, etc., to space exploration , people have their imagination and exploration.

Pulongmai Hot Spring Entertainment Palace is the largest indoor hot spring swimming pool in Asia. Tropical plants can be found everywhere, guest rooms, restaurants, entertainment, tea ceremony bars, hot spring baths, lotus baths, spas and health care are all available. Swimming competitions (social competitions) and summer (winter) camps are held all year round.

The Longmai Yuyuan Ecological Tourism Sightseeing Area has Zushan Yulong Cave, Thousand Buddha Caves, Beach Crescent Spring and other landscapes, which will provide visitors with a personal experience of the ecological environment returning to nature; lotus ponds, cormorants, peacocks, sika deer, wooden houses, rafts, blue sky and clear water It will make you physically and mentally happy and will never forget to return.

Transportation: Take the bus 912 from the west gate of Ditan Park to the terminal and get off at Xiaohui 48 from Anhuili. Take Peony Garden 949 to Xiaotangshan Longmai Hot Spring Station.

1. You can take the 6th ring road from the Jingchang Expressway (Badaling Expressway), exit the 6th ring road at Xiaotangshan exit, and go to Dalishuhuan Island, about 1 km west to the north.

3. Take the sixth ring road on the Beijing-Chengdu Expressway towards Benchangping, exit the sixth ring road at Xiaotangshan Exit, and go to Dalishuhuan Island, about 1km west to the north.

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