Beijing Huairou First North Drift

Located in Longtan Natural Scenic Area, Liulimiao Township, Huairou County, Beijing, 40 kilometers from Huairou County. The Longtan River in the scenic area has a long history, and its ups and downs are rare in Beijing.

Rafting activities are divided into two types: 15 km long drift and 3 km short drift. Go down the river on a raft, but see the cliffs and cliffs on both sides of the bank suddenly, like a knife and axe; suddenly, strange peaks and strange rocks, stand up to the head; The rafts are sometimes involved in whirlpools, and sometimes calm and peaceful. They can experience the shock of the ship toppling over without the danger of drowning and injury. Many tourists admire it: it is comparable to the Three Gorges Tour.

Rafting can be a one-man alone, or can be accompanied by three or five people. It can be competitive or entertaining. It is an entertainment program for all ages. Many tourists are still feeling overwhelmed.

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