Beijing Happy Valley Introduction

Beijing Happy Valley is a theme ecological park built by OCT Group with 20 years of professional accumulation and devoted to four years. It is a regional leader of Beijing s cultural industry and a classic of modern Chinese tourism. With its fashionable, dynamic, joyful and dreamy humanistic charm, it has become an important symbol of Beijing experience tourism!

Beijing Happy Valley is located in the southeast corner of the Sifang Bridge on the East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, covering an area of ​​1 million square meters. Among them, the first phase of the park covers an area of ​​about 540,000 square meters and consists of six theme areas, including the Fiordland Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, Shangri-La, and the Kingdom of Ants. Grand opening.

Beijing Happy Valley is a happy valley for everyone. It is the first choice for family travel, a veritable happy classroom for students, a happy place for young people to entertain, and an excellent place for corporate cultural activities.

Joy Beijing Happy Valley has carefully set up more than 120 experience projects, including more than 40 entertainment equipment, more than 50 human ecological landscapes, more than 10 art performances, more than 20 themed games and commercial auxiliary projects, which can meet the needs of different people. Young people can fully enjoy the amazing experience of the world s top six entertainment equipment such as Crystal God Wing and Sun God Car, and fully experience the romance and mystery brought by Shangri-La and the Golden Reign. Elderly people can follow the footsteps of the Aegean Harbour and Maya town to board the soothing Atlantis energy spacecraft, look for historical relics, comb the context of civilization, and experience the fantastic human charm of each major theme area. Children can walk into the ant kingdom and get a fresh understanding of society, nature, and ecology. They can learn acceleration, weightlessness, experience the diversity of vegetation, the fun of art, and color, nature, music, and sports … …

Beijing Happy Valley has six world-class entertainment equipment: the flying roller coaster Crystal Wings, there are only five in the world, which is unique to Beijing Happy Valley; Sun God Car is the largest pendulum project in Asia, 2004 One of the world s newest amusement projects; Tianxihuangxiong is the only two-tower space shuttle in Asia; Odyssey is the highest ascension of the double-lifting rapids in Asia; Viewer; Snowy Golden Fin is the longest imported suspension roller coaster in Asia.

Beijing Happy Valley integrates greenery and architecture, dynamics and culture, brand effects and regional development, showing the extraordinary momentum of the leading industry!

Beijing Happy Valley Tickets: Adult tickets are priced at 160 yuan (April 1 to November 14). One ticket passes through the entire park. Children under 1.2 meters in height and seniors over 70 years of age can enter the park free of charge; children between 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters in height and seniors aged 65 to 69 can enter the park at half price.

Beijing Happy Valley annual ticket policy: 580 yuan for single travel, 780 yuan for parent-child travel, 1280 yuan for family carnivals, and 999 yuan for long-term couple tickets.

Beijing Happy Valley Transportation: Beijing Happy Valley is located at the southeast corner of Beijing s East Fourth Ring Sifang Bridge, north of Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, west of East Fourth Ring Road, east of the planned Yuantou West Road, and west of the planned Yuantou South Road. 10.2 kilometers away from the straight line, 5 minutes drive to Beijing CBD, 5 minutes drive to the entrance of Jingjintang Expressway. Bus routes available: 740, 840, 752, 657, 29, 713, 822, 743, 753, 801. A few minutes walk from Hongyan Bridge, Zinan Homeland, Ssangyong Supermarket, Gongdong East Station and other stations.

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